Two New Mass Going Students At Fordham Prep, A Jesuit-Run School Commit Suicide By Jumping In Front Of A Train

On February 1, Rev. Christopher J. Devron, SJ, the president of the Jesuit-run prep school, said in a statement following Monday's suicide: 'The sudden and tragic death of a member of our sophomore class last evening has deeply shocked and saddened the entire Fordham Prep community. 'We are in close contact with the young man’s family and have assured them that our prayers, sympathy and support are with them in their time of need. 'In order to support and care for our community during this difficult time, Fordham Prep will be providing trained experts and grief counselors to meet with students, faculty, staff, and parents. 'We will also host a parent meeting at which specialists and members of the Prep’s Crisis Team will address their concerns and questions.' 

On January 18, Owen Kelly, a sophomore who attended the same school, was struck and killed by a Metro-North train at Philipse Manor station in Sleepy Hollow. It is not known whether the two incidents were connected. The school was established in 1841 and has around 950 teenage boys attending classes. As part of the curriculum, students have to complete up to 70 hours of community service. Classes at the school started later on Tuesday following an early-morning faculty meeting. Earlier this month, the school held a service for Kelly.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>