Cheer Up SSPX Latin Mass Attending Traditionalists! Passion Sunday Is The Day The Pharisaical Jews Called Jesus Christ A Schismatic!

The Jews therefore answered and said to him: "Do not we say well that thou art a Samaritan and hast a devil?" Passion Sunday
Fr. Hill explains that Samaritan is code for Schismatic:
And here, after they had reviled and blasphemed him, saying he was a Samaritan, that is, a Schismatic from them Meditation Here>>>>>
Jesus Christ the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity was called a Schismatic by the JEWS. No different today when the likes of JEW Mark Shea or JEW Mike Voris or JEW Fr Z does the same thing when calling a million Latin Mass attending Roman Catholics Schismatic for attending SSPX chapels