ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT: A Christmas Message From His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium....By Holy Week 34 Dead In #Brussels MUSLIM Terror Attack!

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Christmas holidays and New Year are an opportunity to reaffirm our hope for the future. At the end of the year we are unfortunately marked by the dramatic attacks in Paris and aware of the threats that continue to weigh on us. Beyond the horror that multiplies in various places in Europe and elsewhere, our democracies are facing a triple challenge: to defend, prevent, build. I have full confidence in our ability to carry out this task.

Faced with the threat of terrorism, our authorities have reacted with calm, speed and determination. I wish to pay tribute to all those who are committed and remain more than ever to ensure our safety, prosecute those responsible and prevent further attacks. Recent events have shown how important it is to invest in justice, police, army and intelligence services. I also want to thank you all, and especially the inhabitants of Brussels, for your dignified and responsible behavior during this difficult time.

Ladies and gentlemen,

To defend our society, it is also important not to be intimidated and not divide us. This is what our attackers looking. I am confident that we will remain united, citizens of an open country, where the vast majority of foreign compatriots seized the chances offered to them and share the values ​​of our country. They are the son and daughters of this country. Do not confuse those who abuse their faith with those who practice the universal values ​​of humanity.

Then, it seems important to return to what is the bedrock of our society, what we are absolutely committed: our values ​​and our house rules. This implies that we educate our children to respect the different religions and philosophical convictions. They have in common the desire to give meaning to life, to respect others, to be open to others. Respect for these common rules is zero tolerance in relation to hate speech. It’s fight day after day all forms of stigma and segregation. It is also helping people tempted by fanatical indoctrination to resist.

Finally, I am confident in our ability to build a more harmonious society. I would like for it to speak specifically to you young people, you who have a deep desire to believe in life, believe in yourself and believe in each other. Cultivate this ideal and investing your energy and talents in everything that brings. The harmony of a family, a neighborhood, a town, a region, a country, depends primarily on how we build relationships with each other.

Here is the meaning of life, in projects that recognize a place to another and that allow him to give the best of himself. It is the fanatics who refuse to another the right to think and live differently.

Any project that gives meaning to life is built over time. Build the future, cultivate ties with the generations preceding you. It is in history that we root/respect our values. The fanatics, themselves, want to erase all traces of history.

Finally, I encourage you to engage in dialogue and debate on key issues. Dialogue and debate are at the heart of meeting others as the self-knowledge. Go to the discovery of the other in its culture and its philosophical and religious convictions. Instead of fanaticism, which it refuses any debate.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I know we can overcome the challenges we face today. History has proven that our model is stronger than all fanaticism and all forms of totalitarianism. But we must continue to build together this society more humane and just. The Queen and I and our family wish you a merry Christmas party and a New Year full of joy.

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