Hey! Can You Name One Sedevacantist Who Held To Those Views That Lived During The Reign Of Pope Pius XII & John XXIII? LOL! Neither Can I!

Sedevacantism is a creation of Francis Schuckardt. Francis came up with the idea that the Pope wasn't the pope during the reign of Paul VI when Francis had a vision of sorts. Francis immediately created a religious order to save the Church. Francis also made himself a priest then a bishop.

For those that don't know - Sedevactantism states that the Pope can NEVER sin against the first three commandments, and still remain Pope. Once the Pope sins against the first three Commandments he automatically is no longer the Pope, but a mere layman.

Has this ever happened? According to the Sedvacantist NO! No Pope ever sinned against the first three Commandments. According to the Sedvacantist John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI & Francis are mere layman. These pretended popes were never popes to begin with because these men were never really priests to begin with, because these men sinned against the first three commandments at one time or another, and turned into mere layman. 

However the Pope can and does sin against the other seven commandments, and still remains a Pope, it just that the first three commandments cause a lot of problems.

Can a man confess his sins against the first three commandments and receive absolution? Why yes he can - its just that the Popes can't confess their sins against the the first three commandments and receive absolution! 

But the Pope can confess his sins against the other seven commandments and receive absolution!

I hope this clear things up!