LOL! Distributist Fr. Longenecker On Voting Like The Amish! Vote For Hillary Or For Trump & You Have To Go To Confession!! Only Vote In Local Elections To Save Your Soul!


You vote? then you're an idiot!

Longenecker on voting like an Amish to save your soul:
There is a way forward for people of conscience. I call it the Amish option. I may be wrong about this, but I understand that the Amish only vote in local elections. They believe that a vote for any presidential candidate or major political party is a vote for evil because they all support (either explicitly or by doing nothing) the deadly status quo of abortion, war, capital punishment, abuse of the poor and privilege of the rich. For them any vote for the “big guys” is not only a wasted vote but a sin. In the present conditions it’s difficult to disagree with them. 
They exercise their civic duty, however, on the local scale. They get involved in local politics and they vote in local elections. This solution seems a sensible way forward. It also has the advantage that on the local level you might actually accomplish something. At the local level you might just clean up a little bit of corruption. At the local (and I include state) level you might just elect someone who can help get things done which will make life different for the ordinary people at the local level. 
This idea also chimes neatly with the Catholic principle of subsidiarity which teaches that initiatives should be taken and problems solved at the lowest level possible.
Longenecker on voting for Hillary Or Donald:
Does a Catholic HAVE to vote for Hillary or Donald–or any of the candidates for that matter? I don’t think so.
And don't you know, subsidiarity is now a magic word!