LOL! Ever Mention The Words ‘Universal Authority Of The Holy Roman Emperor' To A Traditionalist? It's Like Holy Water To A Vampire.


In response to Michael Matt at the Remnant who said:
Ever mention the word ‘monarchy’ to a neo-Catholic? It's like holy water to a vampire.

How about ‘Catholic confessional state’? It makes him see red.

‘Christendom’? Well, that was a very long time ago, he’ll assure you—and, besides, there were a lot of abuses. Just look at how many things for which Pope John Paul ‘The Great’ had to apologize! Read More>>>>>>
Yeah...whatever Matt... you're no different than the neo-Cat. All I have to do is say that the Divinely Ordained Authority of the Holy Roman Emperor should be restored so that he can rule the world - that will be enough to make you tremble in fear...and why is that?

Why does Matt & the majority of Latin Mass Attending Catholics hate the Universal authority of the Holy Roman Emperor? Why?