LOL! Married Priest Fr Longenecker Claims Traditionalist Catholics Are Anti-Semitic? NOVUS ORDO Students at CATHOLIC MEMORIAL Boys School Chant ANTI-SEMITIC SLURS AT Jewish Students Of Newton North High School!

Gun Nut!

First from the man who makes love to his aging wife at night and then gets up the next morning to say the new mass on his take that trads are Anti-Semitic:
Is there anybody out there who has experience of the rad-trad Catholic movement who can seriously deny that there are some anti-Semites among their ranks? The fact is that the ugly whiff of racism and Jew hatred clings to the radical traditionalist Catholic movement. This article chronicles the problem if you are uninformed and interested. So does this article. This is not to say that all traditionalists are Jew haters or holocaust deniers. It isn’t even to say that all traditionalists are secret anti-Semites. It is certainly not to say that traditionalist Catholicism is necessarily anti-Semitic. It’s simply to assert the undeniable fact that some radical traditionalist Catholics are anti-Semitic, and that they should be repudiated by all the decent majority of traditionalists. The Catholic Church has enough bad press, outright lies and calumnies falsely associating Hitler, the Nazis with Pius XII and the Catholic Church. When the enemies of the faith then do a little digging and find that certain Catholics are, in fact, holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and Jew haters it stinks. Read More>>>>>>
Now for the reality - from the Novus Ordo Sect:
Catholic Memorial students chant anti-Jewish taunt at game 
NEWTON — The chanting started with a rude taunt: Newton North High School students cheering for their basketball team Friday night shouted, “Where are your girls?” to the fans of Catholic Memorial School, an all-boys school. But the response from the Catholic Memorial fans to their opponents, many of whom are Jewish, left the Newton North crowd horrified and upset: “You killed Jesus!” shouted about 50 to 75 Catholic Memorial students. “You killed Jesus!” BG Read More>>>>>
I wonder if the news mass saying married priest  will comment on his Novus Ordo sect and their public display of ANTI-SEMITISM?

Funny that a man can be a priest and raise a family? Catholic Church always condemned such nonsense, for obvious reasons. 

Longenecker knows this too - he just ignores the warning.

Here is the state of this married priest's mind from June of 2013:
I haven’t been blogging for a while, and I wonder why. One of the reasons is simple: I have had some personal and family issues to deal with. 
WTF? You admit that you haven't BLOGGED  for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

Are you insane?

What's next Father?

 I haven't done baptism for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

 I haven't heard confessions for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

 I haven't said mass for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

 I haven't given last rites for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

 I haven't perform the sacrament of marriage for awhile because of FAMILY ISSUES? 

.....and so on....the moron married priest apologizes for not blogging because of family issues, but I bet never never ever apologizes for skipping his priestly duties because of family issues - on the contrary I bet this priest just up and leaves!