Q & A With Fr Dwight Longenecker: What Is Your Favorite Sexual Position? COUNCIL OF TRENT RESPONDS! ‎

Today we are delighted to sit down and discuss the current state of the Church with a renowned expert on all things Catholic - Fr Dwight Longenecker!


As you may know Fr Dwight Longenecker is a convert to the Catholic faith - that is, a convert to all things Catholic after the Second Vatican Council and the creation of the New Mass by Pope Paul VI. Fr Dwight Longenecker is not familiar, nor does he care to familiarize himself with anything Catholic that took place prior to let's say 1962....

According to men like Longenecker anything Catholic prior to 1962 has been abolished. Father Dwight has been so kind in pinning down the exact date when the true Catholic Faith and true Tradition started, and the date Father gives us, is 11 October 1962.  Father stresses that any thing Catholic that took place prior to 11 October 1962 has gone down the memory hole. Father also states and warns that if any Catholic were to reference any thing Catholic prior to 11 October 1962, that Catholic should be ostracized from the community.  It is a grievous crime according to current Church law for anyone to reference anything prior to said date.

Now for the first question - a very personal question, a very intimate question, that I'm sure is on every ones mind. I know its on my mind - constantly - especially when I sit there in the pew during the new mass on s Saturday evening. I wonder what's it like to be a priest and have intimate relations with your wife just hours before mass? Where do you two do it? In the Church? In the rectory? Maybe in the school? How awesome is that? I also wonder if and when married priests will be bold enough to demonstrate different sexual styles and intimate marital games that married couples can engage in to enhance their spiritual life. That would be awesome for married priests to take the lead and teach the faithful on good sexual techniques that give pleasure to your partner. How spiritually awesome would that be! I shed tears of delight just thinking of the day when the Church no longer oppresses us for our natural desires, but releases us from the bondage of guilt! 

Anyway....the first question for married with children, catholic priest, Fr Dwight Longenecker:

Q:  Father, what is your favorite Sexual position when you are making love to your wife?

OK. Stop.


Here from COUNCIL OF TRENT and their condemnation of men like Longenecker

The Council of Trent The Twenty-Fifth Session


The manner of proceeding against Clerics who keep concubines is prescribed.

How shameful a thing, and how unworthy it is of the name of clerics who have devoted themselves to the service of God, to live in the filth of impurity, and unclean bondage, the thing itself doth testify, in the common scandal of all the faithful, and the extreme disgrace entailed on the clerical order. To the end, therefore, that the ministers of the Church may be recalled to that continency and integrity of life which becomes them; and that the people may hence learn to reverence them the more, that they know them to be more pure of life: the holy Synod forbids all clerics whatsoever to dare to keep concubines, or any other woman of whom any suspicion can exist, either in their own houses, or elsewhere, or to presume to have any intercourse with them : otherwise they shall be punished with the penalties imposed by the sacred canons, or by the statutes of the (several) churches, But if, after being admonished by their superiors, they shall not abstain from these women, they shall be ipso facto deprived of the third part of the fruits, rents, and proceeds of all their benefices whatsoever, and pensions; which third part shall be applied to the fabric of the church, or to some other pious place, at the discretion of the bishop. If, however, persisting in the same crime, with the same or some [Page 271] other woman, they shall not even yet have obeyed upon a second admonition, not only shall they thereupon forfeit all the fruits and proceeds of their benefices and pensions, which shall be applied to the places aforesaid, but they shall also be suspended from the administration of the benefices themselves, for as long a period as shall seem fit to the Ordinary, even as the delegate of the Apostolic See. And if, having been thus suspended, they nevertheless shall not put away those women, or, even if they shall have intercourse with them, then shall they be for ever deprived of their ecclesiastical benefices, portions, offices, and pensions of whatsoever kind, and be rendered thenceforth incapable and unworthy of any manner of honours, dignities, benefices and offices, until, after a manifest amendment of life, it shall seem good to their superiors, for a cause, to grant them a dispensation. But if, after having once put them away, they shall have dared to renew the interrupted connexion, or to take to themselves other scandalous women of this sort, they shall, in addition to the penalties aforesaid, be smitten with the sword of excommunication. Nor shall any appeal, or exemption, hinder or suspend the execution of the aforesaid; and the cognizance of all the matters above-named shall not belong to archdeacons, or deans, or other inferiors, but to the bishops themselves, who may proceed without the noise and the formalities of justice, and by the sole investigation of the truth of the fact. As regards clerics who have not ecclesiastical benefices or pensions, they shall, according to the quality of their crime and contumacy, and their persistance therein, be punished, by the bishop himself, with imprisonment, suspension from their order, inability to obtain benefices, or in other ways, conformably with the sacred canons.

Bishops also, if, which God forbid, they abstain not from crime of this nature, and, upon being admonished by the provincial Synod, they do not amend, shall be ipso facto suspended; and, if they persist therein, they shall be reported by the said Synod to the most holy Roman Pontiff, who shall punish them according to the nature of their guilt, even with deprivation if need be.


The illegitimate Sons of Clerics are excluded from certain Benefices and Pensions.

That the memory of paternal incontinency may be banished as far as possible from places consecrated to God, where purity and holiness are most especially beseeming; it shall not be lawful for the sons of clerics, not born in lawful wedlock, to hold, in those churches wherein their fathers have, or had, an ecclesiastical benefice, any benefice whatsoever, even though a different one; nor to minister in any way in the said churches; nor to have pensions out of the revenues of benefices which their fathers hold, or have aforetime held. And if a father and son shall be found, at this present time, to hold benefices in the same church; the son shall be compelled to resign his benefice, or to exchange it for another out of that church, within the space of three months, otherwise he shall be ipso jure deprived thereof; and any dispensation in regard of the aforesaid shall be accounted surreptitious. Moreover, any reciprocal resignations which shall from this time forth be made by fathers who are clerics in favour of their sons, that one may obtain the benefice of the other, shall be wholly regarded as made in fraudulent evasion of this decree, and of the ordinances of the canons; nor shall the collations that may have followed, by virtue of resignations of this kind, or of any other whatsoever made fraudulently, be of avail to the said sons of clerics.


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