THE NEW EVANGELIZATION: Novus Ordo Catholic Kids At Catholic Memorial School During Basketball Game Chant At Jewish Students "YOU KILLED JESUS"

A Massachusetts all-boys Catholic high school has apologized after some of its students chanted 'You killed Jesus!' during a basketball game against a school with a large Jewish enrollment. The chanting horrified and upset many who were attending the Friday game between Newton North High School and Catholic Memorial School, The Boston Globe reported. Catholic Memorial President Peter Folan apologized on Saturday for what he called 'abhorrent behavior.' He said the school 'believes deeply that intolerance, of any kind, is unacceptable.' During Friday's game, which Catholic Memorial won 77-73, the fan section of Newton North taunted the Catholic school about not having girl students, shouting 'Where are your girls?' In response, the Catholic school students started the anti-Semitic chant. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>