Trad Bloggers At Mundabor Fixation For Fornicating Evangelical Ted Cruz....Whoops....

The writers at Mundabor are backing ted Cruz - not that a blogger has influence in the outcome of the US Presidential race - here is just a take on the state of mind of Mundabor: 
This isn’t really difficult. Cruz is the only one consistently able to defeat Trump. He is the (more) presentable face of Conservatism. He is tested, and extremely reliable. Given the choice between Trump and Cruz, millions would still pick Cruz, and there might still be time (not much, though). Cruz would reduce Hillary to ashes come November (hey, even Bernie got fairly near). Cruz should, at this point, be the card of choice of all those who: 1) are conservative, and 2) don’t like Trump. Read More>>>>>
Why would any Catholic blogger who has a dislike for Pope Francis take sides with an Evangelical fornicator? Why?

Why waste time and ink on praising the non-existent virtues of a fornicating married Evangelical?

Just looking at the guy give me nightmares. Doesn't Cruz remind you of some evil puritanical protestant throw back from the Salem witch trials who sits and judges supposed witches?

God gave Cruz his face for a reason - to give warning to others on the vileness that is Ted Cruz.

Why do the writers at Mudabor side with such a monster?

I've waiting to post this until more comes to light about the no good lying Cruz.

Now we are certain that Evangelical Ted Cruz is a fornicator - cheating on his wife with several mistresses. 

Now Mundabor who is supposedly an Italian who lives in England and the US will attribute Cruz's fornicating ways to mainly virility and a sign that Cruz is a potent leader of men.

I really do not like men who praise fornication as a sign of true manliness etc. I am sick of it.

I don't know if the writers at Mundabor will come out and defend the fornication habits of Ted Cruz, but just a heads up.

I've seen this defense of fornicating politicians by others who should know better. Mundabor better not be the next in a long line of those defending fornicating scum like Silvio Berlusconi etc..

Mundabor does not vote because he can't (at least one of them can't) so why in the world give an opinion on the US election?

If case you haven't noticed modern democracy is not Roman Catholic and never will be.