Catholic Vote Blog Closing Shop? "You Cannot Follow Either Political Party And Follow Jesus Christ......We Need To Follow A New Master"

Catholic Vote Blog say:
You cannot follow either political party and follow Jesus Christ.  

Should read:
You cannot vote in modern democratically held elections and follow Jesus Christ.  

Because democracy is not from God.

Jesus was obedient to the Roman Emperor at his birth and at his death.

Jesus Mary & Joseph never cast a ballot and never will.

Yea...follow Jesus Christ Crucified to the polling station....LOL!

Catholic Vote Blog adds:
We need to follow a new master. We need to follow the Master.
New Master?
New Master as in the forerunner to the Antichrist? Because, I'm sure the forerunner to the Antichrist will still allow you to vote for him....
Or a new Master which is an old master and is the only true temporal master - the Divinely Ordained Authority of The Holy Roman Emperor. But he has to be elected first by the Seven Imperial Electors. Bishop of Mainz has to call all Electors together for a vote.
Forgot about converting the Nations. - that is not gonna happen and it is a time waster.
Roman Catholic need a temporal leader to follow. And that leader has to be lawfully elected by the Proclaimers of Divine Providence. Once this is done, then you can convert the world.