Death & Destruction On Schedule In Wake Of Amoris Laetitia: Over 100 Dead Kerala's Puttingal Hindu Temple Fire!

Following up post from yesterday:
SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2016 Death & Destruction Should Follow In The Wake Of Amoris Laetitia In...3....2.....1 
48 hours after the release of Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia we have the first confirmed causalities: Over 100 dead in India. Explosion during a fireworks display at Hindu festival in India:
75 killed, over 200 injured in massive fire at Kerala's Puttingal temple 
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Over 75 people died and around 200 were injured due to festive firework at Puttingal temple in Paravur, Kollam this morning. The accident happened around 3.30am. According to the police, the conclusion of Puttingal temple festival is marked by fireworks which began around 1am. It is believed that the firework sparked firecrackers stored in the storage shed leading to a huge explosion. People with serious burn injury have been admitted to government medical college, Thiruvananthapuram. Others with minor burns/injuries have been admitted to various hospitals at Meeyapuram and Kottiyam. Times of India Read More>>>>>
This isn't an exact science, but it is should give cause for alarm. Yesterday, another post was created on this blog, calling for death and destruction, in the wake of the release of Amoris Laetitia. This is how it works: Pope Francis mocks God one way or another, and God mocks Pope Francis, with death and destruction. Many who follow this blog, are aware of this, or should be, and know just how true this is.

It looks like the death and destruction that follows on the heels of the Prayers or utterances of Pope Francis last for about nine days. I also call these events: Pope Francis Nine Day Novena of Doom.

When death and destruction event occurs, Pope Francis will send out Prayers for the victims, then for about nine days, more death and destruction occur. The body count by the end of the nine day death and doom novena is in the hundreds.
Pope prays for India fire victims, grieves with families 
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent a message expressing condolences and promising prayers for the victims of a deadly fire at a Hindu temple in the Indian state of Kerala overnight, as well as for the victims' families. Sent via telegram through the Secretary of State of the Holy See, the Pope's message also also asks God to bless the whole nation of India. 
Below, please find the full text of Pope Francis' telegram, in its official English version 
His Holiness Pope Francis was saddened to learn of the tragic fire at the Puttingal temple complex in Paravur, and he sends condolences to the relatives of the deceased and injured. Praying for all affected by this tragedy, and for the relief efforts underway, Pope Francis invokes upon the nation the divine blessings of strength and peace. 
Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Secretary of State
Why does this happen?

It's the opposite of miracles.

When Saintly Popes do the will of the Blessed Trinity, God then sends miracles. When Popes refuse to do the will of God, then God sends His Vengeance upon the people. The people suffer under a bad Pope.

This is verified by history.

Only its more pronounced with Pope Francis.

But many of you do not understand and do not pay attention.

But here let me tell you a few things:

When events become so bizarre and overwhelming, then there will be many who will try to find a cause of these terrible events, the first ones,  of course,  will be the protestant evangelicals (because the devil is always the first on the scene) and then the traditionalist will be the next. Many taking credit for the observations they made. Many will then blame Pope Francis for bringing down the Vengeance of God upon us all.

Pope Francis pays attention to the events....

You don't


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