How To Spot A False Visionary/Locutionist? He Is Wearing A Pee Soaked Hedgehog Onesie & Gives A Date When The World Will End....3 June 2016.....Alex Brizzi Is A False Visionary!

Hey! its not that hard to spot a false visionary.

Strong smell of urine is one sign.

Wearing animal onesie

Basement dweller. (though some true visionaries live in caves etc...)

Gives exact date when the world will end.

Bomb making skills involve a lot of chocolate

The story of Brizzi:
The flash drive contained a video in which Brizzi argued the government is covering up the truth about 'black holes and the sun,' the security guard said. The astronomy-themed conspiracy theory appeared to be linked to what Brizzi's father said was a 'vision' that his son had. According to the father, Brizzi had a 'vision from God' that made him believe the world was going to end on June 3.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>
Sad thing is, is that this confused soul is probably a Roman Catholic.

Sad very sad.


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