LOL! Catholic Bloggers Suing Catholic Bloggers! Michael Matt Of The Remnant Stoops To Low Levels Threatens To Sue Priest Over Harsh Name Calling! Did Dave Domet Whisper Into Matt's Ear?

Michael Matt is a foolish idiot. 
The Remnant’s Chris Ferrara, a member of the South Carolina bar, sent a formal demand for the same, citing South Carolina law on libel.
Michael Matt should retire from the public eye if name calling is too much for him.

Apparently Matt is unable to defend his views without resorting to letters from lawyers.

Did Matt just set a precedent of Catholic bloggers suing other Catholic bloggers?

Matt has opened a can of worms.

I bet Matt is a grammar Nazi as well.....

Did Dave Domet whisper into the ear of Matt?

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" is what Matt should have said!