Proof That Ex-Legionary Of Christ STEVE SKOJEC Of 1P5 Is The Long Awaited Great Monarch! Steve Had A Rough Limo Ride Into Fox News Studios! LOL!

Its been said that the Great Monarch would suffer many disappointments.....

Already one of the possible candidates  for Great Monarch has been knocked out of the running, and that would be Michael Voris, or better known as, Gary. For Gary is a homo or was a homo (its still unclear if Gary had a recent relapse of sodomy or if he just wanted to garner sympathy & support for his apostolate) It should be pointed out that Gary's YouTube hits have sky rocketed since he came out of the closet as a flamer. Hardly anyone did criticize him for his sodomy.  Many said that Gary is a Courageous Saint for coming out and that these souls assure us that Gary will never return to his sins of Sodomy ever again! How these souls know that Gary will never return to his vomit is beyond me.

The other candidate for the Great Monarch had a rough limo ride just a week before the Gay Gary revelation - maybe they are both connected?

Here is Steve on his disappointing Limo Ride:
The car showed up early, the black Lincoln barely visible in the pre-dawn driveway of my rural home. 
Almost as soon as we were underway, the car began having problems. I was trying to re-read the relevant sections of the exhortation, but the electrical system went on the fritz, lights turning on and off in the car, dashboard lights not working, the whole system clicking as it pulsed in and out. You would have thought, if you were sitting there with me, that the car was possessed. It was incredibly distracting. At one point, the driver tried to speed up on the interstate, only to have the electronic transmission refuse to shift gears. The engine revved way beyond where it should have been. I buckled my seatbelt.
“Are we going to make it there?” I asked. 
The driver, Johri, who sounded as though he was from India, apologized to me. 
“I’m sorry sir! This has never happened before. This car just had a new battery put in. I don’t know what’s happening.” 
I looked out the foggy window at the gathering light. 
“I’m going to talk about religion today,” I said. “About the pope’s new document about marriage. Sometimes, when I talk about certain topics, strange things happen. My computer won’t work, even though it’s new, or if I’m podcasting, the audio I’m recording is slowed down, or something. I don’t know what you believe in, but there’s a force that really doesn’t like it when I do certain things.”
I told him a little bit about spiritual warfare, and how certain topics I attempt to engage in seem to cause…technological glitches. He said he believed me, since he had never had any problems with the car. He asked me about the specifics of my appearance on the show. I told him. He agreed with me on the importance of family. Of marriage. We made it to DC, and he wished me good luck. 
“I’m going to go into the shop to have this checked out,” he assured me. “Text me when you leave the building.”

Now the effects of Steve's rough limo ride and the strain of the Fox encounter may have caused Steve's eyes to dart back and forth - this is called Nystagmus. Read about Nystagmus here.

Some people are born with this affliction. Some are afflicted at a later age.

The interesting thing I've noticed is that this affliction of Nystagmus was seen in another person deeply involved in the Legionaries of Christ. Her eyes would dart from side to side when you where conversing with her face to face. She was also a fan of Medjugorje and even paid a visit to Medjugorje.

Now I do know that Steve was involved in the LC for a time. I believe Steve travelled to Mexico & Europe on the Legion's dime. Did Steve Travel to Medjugorje & stare at the Sun? I don't know.

Steve's eyes start darting back & forth starting at 2:21and it gets worse.

Maybe its not Nystagmus. Maybe its caused by staring at a camera and trying to focus on what is said by others.

Or maybe is the effects of a life lived in the Legion of Christ.

So is Steve the Great Monarch? No, of course not. But its not to say that the man has no ambition. The ambition to be heard and have influence over those who attend the Latin Mass. But why should Steve have a voice like others? Well if Steve's insights are spot on, then good. But as Catholics are told - you must test the spirits to see if they be of God or not. 

Steve was know for claiming that he was one of the first ones to out Pope Francis the very day Francis manifested himself to the world. I call bullshit on that one. I remember that day and the few days following and Steve was not the leading voice giving warning about Pope Francis. No. it was Rorate Caeli and the gentleman from Argentina posted on their web page, and that's about it. There was of course Novus Ordo Watch - but they don't count because no matter who was elected Pope the fools at NOW would claim that the pope was a heretic and no pope at all...etc. Even if SSPX Bishop Fellay was elected as Pope the fools at NWO would still say that Fellay was no pope at all. So NOW really doesn't count.

What is interesting about the lack of warning about Pope Francis from those who attend Latin Mass is that these same souls immediately came to the side of crybaby Dave Domet of Vox Cantoris and immediately declared Sodomite Michael Voris a courageous saint. I guess its a punishment for not getting it right about Pope Francis from the beginning.

Let's see, the majority of those who attend Latin Mass:
  • Were very, very slow to catch on to wickedness of Pope Francis.
  • Were very quick to come to the aid of Dave Domet of Vox Cantoris
  • Were very quick to come to the aid of Sodomite Gary Michael Voris & declare him a living Breathing Saint.
Yea..that pretty much sums up the folly of the laity that attend the Latin Mass, they are a mess. They have no temporal leader and they will follow whoever is tickling their ears, and they eventually get burned for it!

Thing is, is that Steve has a backer just like Gary did. Both men where bad Catholics - one a Sodomite and the other attached to a religious order founded by a Sodomite.

Both apostolates are cause for concern.