Sodomite Michael Voris' PAUSE Program & The Definition Of Pause: Said After Something That May Be Taken As Homosexual.....Gives One Pause...

Do you know the street meaning of pause?

Said after something that may be taken as homosexual.
-Pull it out, pause.
-Son, that ball is huge, pause.


First Gary on his forced coming out video & transcript:
LIMITING GOD We must not seek to limit God.
Gary blames the New York Archdiocese for making Gary publicly admit that he is a Homo.

Most traditionalists do not know the extent of Gary's homo escapades:
Posted by Mike on February 23, 2014 at 2:23 pm For the record: Mike is gay, and though he may not live that life anymore, he certainly used to. It is important to know this so his comments about homosexuality can be seen from all perspectives. When I came out as a gay man in 1999, Mike Voris was the first man I went on a date with. We “met” on a phone dating line, and I went to his home in Southfield. Although he didn’t have an interest in me romantically, we did sleep together frequently and he asked me to touch his penis and help him ejaculate, which I did. We became friends, and I spent a lot of time there. I house sat when he went to visit his Mom in New York, took care of his dog, and slept there more often than not for about a year. Mike told me about his long-term partner Brian, and how he sadly passed away from AIDS-related complications in the mid-1990s. Mike met another man, a Pronto (gay bar in Royal Oak, MI) bartender who’s name escapes me, and they made their home in Pleasant Ridge, MI. I visited Mike there one time. When his mother passed, I sang at the funeral. Posted By Greg

There is more.

Sodomite singing at Gary's mother's funeral? At 7:20 mark, Gary says that he started studying the faith at that time - did Gary still cling to his sodomite ways during this period? He must have? If he truly gave up his sinful sodomite past, then don't you think that Gary would have told the world? Why hide it? Well it would ruin his credibility. So when did middle age Gary finally stop taking it up the Ass? When? When he was 43? 44? 45? 46?......?

Gary ain't no St Paul.

Now considering that Voris behaved like most degenerate homosexual men, then it is no stretch to say that Gary seduced underage boys for homo acts:
In a 1985 study of the rates of molestation among homosexual pederasts compared to heterosexua1 pedophiles, Dr. Paul Cameron found the following: 
153 pederasts had sexually molested 22,981 boys over an average period of 22 years. 
224 pedophiles had molested 4,435 girls over an average period of 18 years. 
The average pederast molested an average of 150 boys, and each heterosexual pedophile molested an average of 20 girls, a ratio of 7.5 to one. 12 (12. Dr. Paul Cameron, “Homosexual Molestation of Children/Sexual Interaction of Teacher and Pupil,” Psychological Reports 57 (1985): 1227-1236.) 
Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement. In 1972, the National Coalition of Gay Organizations adopted a 'Gay Rights Platform" that included the following demand: "Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent." David Thorstad, a spokesman for the homosexual rights movement and NAMBLA, clearly states the objectives: 'The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the achievement of sexual freedom for all - not just equal rights for 'lesbians and gay men, but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children." This goal has not changed since it was articulated in 1972. 
Enrique T. Rueda, The Homosexual Network (Old Greenwhich, Connecticut: The Devin Adair Company, 1982), p. 201 
Homosexual organizations around the world have embarked upon a vigorous campaign to lower actual age of consent laws by claiming that current laws are discriminatory against homosexuals. In England, for example, a major push is underway to lower the age of sexual consent for homosexuals to 14. OutRage!, a homosexual organization that operates much like ACT UP in the United States, has been leading the crusade. In a statement published on the Queer Intelligence Service website, OutRage! claims that "under-age queers have rights too. They are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We have a special responsibility to protect their interests and welfare. 
Peter Tatchell, "Why We Want an Age of Consent of 14," Queer Intelligence Service, Agenda for Gay Law Reform, OutRage.!, London, Sept. 10, 1998, 
SOURCE: Frank V. York and Robert H. Knight, "Homosexual Activists Work To Normalize Sex With Boys" its a safe bet that Gary went after minors as well, just like most homo men do.

So, when Gary creates a program that involves young men ages 18-25, one has to wonder what Gary's real intent is with these young men.

At least 18 is legal.

The PAUSE Program:
Fund the Pause Program!
Another interesting fact is the name of this program: PAUSE

On the street Pause is code for things homo.

Did Gary know the street lingo?


Should Gary be around young men?

Well, considering how destructive Sodomy is to the soul, one can say that Gary is serious damaged goods. And there are no guarantees that Gary won't re-visit his homo past, just like a dog back to his vomit.

The Pause program should be shut down and Gary should be prohibited from the company of minors - too harsh? Considering that the Church use to imprison monks given over to sodomy, to keep their corrupting influence and filthy habits away from other monks, I would say that Gary should also be subject to the same treatment. Imprisoned? Not likely, but kept at a very great distance.

Shame on all you foolish traditionalists who were so quick to jump on Gary's band wagon, calling Gary a Saint and a man of courage etc...