Ann Barnhart Dolling Herself Up For Latin Mass & On The Lookout For Gay Liturgical Fetishists With Erections

I always stand out in Trad parishes in North America because I tend to wear “sharp” outfits, heels, make-up, and I wear my veil in the European “bridal” way – swept back behind my shoulders – or I wear a sharp hat to cover my head. Ann Barnhardt
From the same silly woman who brought you Pope Francis is ANTI-POPE! Now comes this....
CHOP! Bergoglio Beheads Another, and a Warning About Liturgical Fetishists – Wolves in Jacquard and Lace
OK Ann is either gone off the rails crazy on the look out for gays everywhere or Ann is not a Roman Catholic but is a DHS employee (low ranking one at that).

Now the demented bug eyed bitch claims that there are hundreds if not thousands of gays attending Latin Mass EVERY Sunday!


How does the psycho know this?

Its funny that the silly ugly bug eyed bitch didn't know her girl crush Mr. Gary Michael Voris was a flamer!

Where was Ann warning all of us that Michael Voris was a homo?

How come Ann and her girlfriend Hillary didn't warn all of the parents who made their boys watch CMTV or work in Gary's warehouse or be apart of PAUSE?

So now Ann is coming out with pink guns a blazing claiming that the confirmed bachelor sitting next to you at the Latin Mass is a homo?

How does the witch know this?

Maybe I being too harsh on Ann. Maybe she wrote this piece to nail gay Gary and his Sodomite organization?


Here is how Ann spots a homo at Mass - ask yourself on each point, does Ann mean Michael Voris?

A situation just like this was recounted to me in a trad parish in Europe. There was an extremely competent liturgist in the parish, but this man was literally a raging queen. He was horrifically cruel to both the laymen and the clergy, and was grossly irreverent in the sacristy. He was tolerated solely because he had such a high level of expertise. Then, one day, after there was some failure to comply with his demands, he threw what can only be described as a “fag fit” and swished out in a haughty huff. The parish was delighted and relieved to see him go, despite the loss of his expertise. Why? Because they were a young parish and they were terrified that this one raging queen was going to drive away every heterosexual man – both lay and clergy – and attract in more homosexuals, thus turning the parish into a veritable bathhouse. Straight men do not want to be around, much less be verbally and emotionally abused by, fags. Period. Straight men will flee from fags even faster than they flee from domineering, nagging women, for obvious reasons.

I am starting to hear more about these sorts of concerns in North America. I have received more than one email from concerned mothers of children in trad parishes who simply do not feel comfortable leaving their sons alone with the “choir director” or “altar server organizer” – always “confirmed bachelors” who, let’s be honest, lay the needle on the old gaydar on the peg and then break the spring.

We all need to start speaking up about these things, specifically calling out and ostracizing men who act like this. Folks, the “queeny” affectation is 100% voluntary. I have personally witnessed men turn it on and off like a switch. Even if a homosexual man is not acting out and engaging in homosexual sex “behind closed doors”, men who ACT like queens, and do everything they can to telegraph to those around them that they are homosexually oriented ARE A SCANDAL, and their behavior is nothing less than OBSCENE. It is also a massively reliable indicator of Diabolical Narcissism. To behave in such a way that implies even a winking approval of, much less a prideful wallowing in sin that cries out to heaven for God’s vengeance is simply beyond the pale.

So, for you Trads, especially those in North America who might not know exactly what this “liturgical fetishim” looks like, here are some key traits to look out for and guard against:
  • Contempt for genuine Catholic piety, especially simple piety
  • Contempt for rank-and-file Trads as “stupid”
  • Contempt for Trads because they “don’t understand Catholicism and take it (the actual religion) all way too seriously”, hurling the word “rigorist” as a pejorative (you think I’m kidding on this one – so many people have been told this it is stunning)
  • Rejection of the notion that the Novus Ordo must be abolished – because the idea that the waiter or janitor or blue-collar rabble have and know the same Mass as the “elite” is repellant, and defeats the entire purpose of their liturgical fetish
  • Hyper-criticality, haughtily luxuriating in running down everything – music, ceremonies, vestments, flowers, architecture, regardless of the financial or personnel resources of the parish. 
  • Every Mass is “yet another abomination”, the choir is “grotesque”, the servers are “retarded”, vestments are “rags”. Often, the objectively better the liturgy is, the more vicious the criticism will become, because the liturgical fetishist derives intense narcissistic satisfaction from criticizing things that are actually very good – thus proving how vastly superior they believe themselves to be
  • Irreverence and impiousness in the sacristy and even in the sanctuary – using extreme profanity, sometimes mere feet from the Blessed Sacrament •Resenting being asked to help do anything, always acting put-upon and put-out
  • Resenting NOT being asked to help do anything
  • Never saying “thank you” to anyone
  • Effete, queeny comportment – screeching, hooting, feminine raging
These are all, it seems to me, pretty common-sense things to look out for. The key is overcoming the pathological effeminacy that has been inculcated into every one of us and to start doing again what people used to do to these types of people before our culture was destroyed: ostracize them. Cast them out. Make it clear that there is no place for this sort of scandalous behavior in a Catholic Culture. Read More>>>>>>>



I don't know any man who behaves like this. And I doubt that Ann is referring to a self-proclaimed Homo Mr. Gary Michael Voris.

No, the convert is stiring up trouble for those who listen to her.

The only Mass this woman attends is supposedly at the FSSP. Maybe Ann makes her observations from those men who attend FSSP parishes?

 Oh...and there's the thing about married men.....they're NEVER gay? Right?......

Oh..and another thing where's the pic of Ann receiving communion on the tongue?

Hundreds of pics of Ann holding a gun, but never ever a pic of her at Latin Mass......why.....why....why...


  1. "I always stand out in Trad parishes in North America because I tend to wear “sharp” outfits, heels, make-up, and I wear my veil in the European “bridal” way – swept back behind my shoulders – or I wear a sharp hat to cover my head. Ann Barnhardt"

    Again - I'm laughing out loud. Sharp?

  2. "I always stand out in Trad parishes in North America because I tend to wear “sharp” outfits, heels, make-up, and I wear my veil in the European “bridal” way – swept back behind my shoulders – or I wear a sharp hat to cover my head. Ann Barnhardt"

    Again - I'm laughing out loud. Sharp?


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