Mundabor Timing Is Way Off! Shows His Ugly Nationalist Side While Munich Shooter Muslim Ali Sonboly Obsessed With Nationalism & Norway Mass Murder Anders Behring Breivik Lured Victims To McDonalds Using Facebook Account!

Most Trads are nationalists. Most Trads are DENSE!  Here is another Trad Mundabor praising Nationalism:
Waking Up By Half
The (as always) interesting article of Roberto De Mattei published on Rorate has a piece of information I was not aware of: the recent creation of a sort of “urban warfare army”, 77,000 strong, meant to deal appropriately with the huge problems the Frenchies have bred inside their cities for decades. It is, certainly, an encouraging sign. It is, also, a reminder that a vast number of French citizen are still distinctively non-Muslim, very much identified with Western civilisation, and not ready to eat the multi-cultural excrement any longer. However, one cannot but notice this will be a fight fought with only one hand. One wonders, for example, how many of the 77,000 are going to be, in fact, Muslims; whether “discrimination” issues will soon emerge as to the racial and religious composition of their leading echelons and cadres; whether the very existence of such a force will not soon be considered, by the usual idiots, a “war on minorities”. I can see “Arab Lives Matter” movements soon being born out of the harder (as much as a fag like Holland can even conceive hardness) stance of the French Government. In the end, it can never be only a military operation. If this war (may I say Crusade?) is to be won, it must start from the acknowledgment that Islam, not isolated “fanatics”, is the enemy. Holland is too much of a fag to admit, or perhaps even understand, this, but he will soon be kicked out. Let us hope a President(e) Le Pen will apply the common sense that is seriously needed instead of thinking that the answer can only be a military one. M
What? Nationalism is gonna defeat ISLAM?

Mundabor is DENSE.

Actually the lot of traditionalists are obsessed with Nationalism either through the influence of Distributism  or the influence of GK Chesterton.

These dense idiots believe that if its small its better! And if you start out on the local level you can change the whole world! Because as everyone knows THERE IS NO CORRUPTION on the local level! LOL!

They actual believe this!

So no apologies to my fellow Latin Mass attending Catholics - You're all ****&*# idiots when it comes to politics.

So I will rub it in your faces until you get the message.

As Mundabor wrote the above there was Muslim NATIONALISM shooting up a McDonalds in Munich. 9 dead. His targets were Children. The Nationalist committed his crime on the anniversary of  the 22 July 2011 Mass Murder in Norway by the NATIONALIST Anders Breivik. Remember that Nationalist?

Here is the latest on the Munich Nationalist:

Munich Shooter Muslim Ali Sonboly Obsessed With Nationalism & Norway Mass Murder Anders Behring Breivik Lured Victims To McDonalds Using Facebook Account!

Muslim obsessed with Nationalism planned the killings on the anniversary of the July 22 mass murder in Norway by Nationalist Anders Behring Breivik.

Ali Sonboly used Facebook to lure children into McDonalds. Pretending to be Selina Akim who promised to buy items for anyone who showed up at McDonalds:

Ali Sonboly targeted Children following the example set by Anders Behring Breivik who murdered 77 teenagers on 22 July 2011:

The media falsely labeled Anders Behring Breivik as a 'Christian' when in fact Breivik was a Nationalist who had sympathies with Muslim terrorists if not an actual convert to Islam himself. There is evidence that Breivik had many Muslim Male lovers. Breivik was a Sodomite.