Well, Well, Well....Looks Like SOMEHOW A VITAL CONNECTION Is Made Between ‘The Great Monarch’ Gajewski + Fr. Paul Kramer + Maike Hickson + Steve Skojec & Fr. Dollinger! LOL!

What do the following have in common?
  1. ‘The Great Monarch’ Gajewski
  2. Fr. Paul Kramer
  3. Maike Hickson
  4. Steve Skojec
  5. Fr. Dollinger
Well let's start with a lie that Fr. Kramer was spreading around awhile back maybe twenty years ago or so, and that is this:
The third secret of Fatima is all about a bad mass & a bad council.
"Bad Mass & Bad Council"  means the new mass and Vatican II.

Fr. Kramer never presented and proof of his statement, other than that someone told him that someone heard from another priest who had overheard from a reliable source that was close to a priest who had dinner at an Iranian restaurant somewhere in Mogudishu during a firefight when bombs were dropping all around, that the Fatima Secret is all about a bad mass & bad council!


Actually the lie about the bad mass & bad council is from Fr. Dollinger as was recently puked up by Maike Hickson all over the Internet on a webpage owned by Steve Skojec:
Not long after the June 2000 publication of the Third Secret of Fatima by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told Fr. Dollinger during an in-person conversation that there is still a part of the Third Secret that they have not published! “There is more than what we published,” Ratzinger said. He also told Dollinger that the published part of the Secret is authentic and that the unpublished part of the Secret speaks about “a bad council and a bad Mass” that was to come in the near future. Source
Of course Fr gave a blessing to Hickson to continue the lie on Steve's page:
Father Dollinger gave me permission to publish these facts on this High Feast of the Holy Ghost and he gave me his blessing. Source
Mind you that the phone call took place on Pentecost Sunday and the lie was immediately punished on Steve's page before most Americans went to Pentecost Sunday Mass. How any one has time to make a phone on a Sunday morning and type up a 10,000 word lie to be published on a page before TERCE is beyond me. 

But somehow the vital connection is made.......

So far have the connection of the two Priest lairs that spread the lie that the Fatima Secret is all about a bad mass & a bad council, and that would be Fr. Paul Kramer & Fr. Dollinger.

The next vital connection is two lay liars Hickson & Skojec who made Pope Benedict issue an denial.

But where is vital connection with these four liars and the Great Monarch?

Self Proclaimed Great Monarch

Well seems that the Great Monarch has a spiritual director and that is Priest Liar Fr. Paul Kramer!

This from Call Me Jorge blog:
Remember back on 24 October 2015 when Eric ‘the great monarch’ Gajewski interviewed John Salza about his new book and Fatima? Well, it appears that indeed ‘the great monarch’ takes orders from his spiritual mentor Paul Kramer. Why do we say this? For the simple reason that Eric has thrown his Salza interview down into the memory-hole. It turns out recently Kramer has been attacking Salza and Salza has returned the favor — so the head of the ‘order of eagles’ made the interview disappear. Source
This whole lie of a bad mass & bad council will soon come to light.


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