WHAT? Vox Cantoris: Get Out Of The BASTARD Rite! But Better Make 'em Give You Communion On The Tongue Before You GO!

Free yourself - get out of the bastard rite! The Reform of the Reform is dead! 
Sooner or later friend, you are going to do it. You are going to wake up one morning and realise you cannot do it anymore. You cannot fool yourself. Leave it. Leave the "serviettes" - the girl altar boys, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Leave the horizontal man-centred, sorry "person- centred" liturgy, leave the banality. Leave the distortion, the happy-clappy priest in tie-dye polyester. Leave the guitars and bongos. Leave the bad homilies, the heresy and the stupid, bad-behaving Catholics who do not care about their own souls or yours because we're all going to heaven anyway. Leave the protestantism, the bad music and the effeminate, sodomite priests and lesbian nuns and feminazi parish organisers. Leave it. Get out of the Novus Ordo liturgy. Free yourself.  Source
Toronto parish of St. Leo's Mimico denies Holy Communion on the tongue  
"You denied me Communion," said the parishioner, a man known to me for at least a decade. "No," he replied, "I offered and you rejected Communion." This after the Communicant, who presented himself at the end of the Communion line with his little daughter in tow, knelt and put out his tongue to receive the Lord. This is clericalism. It is arrogance and a violation of the Law to dismiss the rights of the faithful. But with our current Pope, who cares about the Law? This is the Francis effect in the peripheries. The smelly sheep mean nothing to these men.

You will be held accountable for these games and you may even end up in Hell for it.Oh, he'll be calling; you can count on it; and the last memory the little girl will have of this parish is to have this priest tell her father, "I don't care if you here for Mass anymore. After 50 years of priesthood Father? Surely, you can do better than that. Source

Fist mad prophet Dave says to leave the BASTARD Rite & now he demands communion on the tongue at the BASTARD rite?

What's next? tackling Altar girls up there on the Altar during the BASTARD Rite?

Terry Nelson at Abbey Roads had this to say about Trad bloggers (including me)
I think many people online, especially those on the 'minor sites' may be mentally ill. Others may be so isolated, enclosed or entrenched by some form of idiosyncratic ecclesiology, that they are unable to tolerate reality, control their anger, or recover from some sense of betrayal. In what I can only interpret as desperation, they lash out at others who disagree, disapprove, or threaten their reformist ideals. They often seem to lack meekness and humility. They believe they are being charitable when they condemn, but just about everything they write contradicts that notion. Sometimes I can't laugh it off - these bloggers are meddlesome trouble makers. Gossips. The Pope talks about these types. Some are priests. They suffer from the remembrance of wrongs and have a lot of anger. They also seem to be obsessed with social media, perhaps because they lack an appropriate venue to exercise their ministry, or achieve recognition - and it becomes a sort of bully-pulpit to release the aggression that has built up. Alcohol can exacerbate the situation. I may be wrong. These folks may simply be nuts. Source
I don't want to go down the path that Dave is taking.

The new mass is a punishment from God. It is still the Mass. God allowed most all of the prayers and ceremonies of the mass to be stripped away so as to dry up devotion. It worked. The spiritual fruit is rotten. You know this, and I know this. Some just ignore the reality, and to ignore the reality is insane.