LOL! Lay Prophet Blogger STEVE SKOJEC Sees The Rise Of New Fascism In Europe To Counter Islam.....Watch The Video & Reconsider......

What's the worse sound on this video? the tinkering and clashing of the glass candles as the herd was running from some phantom or the screams of the girls (I don't think any men were present) too bad no one stepped on a squeaky stuff animal toy for added dramatic effect.....
From the pen of a blogger lay prophet who spent more time and energy on the Synod then on the muslim invasion of Europe, the rotten fruit of such a folly in focusing on the Synod? the prophet failed to take notice of the Muslim invasion of Europe until the Paris terror attack:
Tomorrow, the narrative that what happened in Paris has nothing to do with true Islam will be echoed by the global elites.Pope Francis will join them, failing, once again, to lead Catholics in the truth, and lending religious credibility to the great Islamic lie.  
“This will also help to ensure that those Parisians, Frenchmen, Europeans, and others throughout the world will not look to Catholicism as the answer to the Islamic threat, because it is feckless, dishonest, and pathetic. Which means that they will instead turn to political zealotry, to a new fascism, to dangerous ideologies, hatred, and indiscriminate violence. They will fight not like true crusaders, but like desperate men, and desperate men do awful things.  
This could all have been prevented. Many have warned of what’s coming, myself among them. But self-delusion is an awful drug.

This is about to get much worse, and we have no leaders capable of standing against it, least of all the Vicar of Christ. Steve Skojec
Did you watch the above video? Watch the above video and read the words of a blogger lay prophet and understand that in order for Islam to truly fulfill legitimate Catholic Prophecy the Muslims must be free to destroy for a very long time - meaning that no political movement will hinder the Muslims in their destruction.

The new fascists that the prophet Steve speaks of already exist in the form of the Forza Nuova, FN in Italy & the Northern League of Italy, both of which, mind you, already infiltrated the Latin Mass Traditionalist movement. Both Nationalist movements have ex-SSPX priests as spiritual fathers.

So no, there will be no movement that will fight Muslims.

The current Nationalists and Muslims are friends and think alike.

Any Nationalist movement that does arise to battle Islam will be the Political Party that is created and headed by the Forerunner to the Antichrist. And he will most likely give only an appearance that he is to battle Islam, when his true aim will be to destroy the Catholic Church by killing the Fatima Pope and faithful.  Focus should be on ferreting out the man who is a potential forerunner to the Antichrist, but most lay bloggers would rather focus on spiritual and priestly matters. (maybe the lot of you should have become a priest instead of a family man - that way you could blog on priestly things....)

Again thanks to all you lay bloggers for giving us wall to wall coverage on a Synod that none of you can have an effect on - why? Because you're LAYMEN.

Focus on the temporal. That is your domain. Leave the priestly things to the priests!

Damn morons!

Originally Posted 15 NOVEMBER 2016