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    As much great work as you do on this website, I could do without the end times soothsaying at the end. Both of these events are newsworthy and I was glad to learn about them. But you lend yourself toward being dismissed as ridiculous when you offer your personal "feelings" about oncoming world-adjusting events. You're a well meaning guy and smart but no prophet. These events may happen but it's best to just make sure we're prepared. And also any waiting for the apocalypse is a distraction from the fact that the Pope is now confirmed in his heresy, no stock market crash or asteroid could be more devastating than Jorge Bergoglio on the throne of Peter,.
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        My instincts are the reason I'm ahead of the curve on most of what I cover. I'm being honest about the sense that I have without believing that I'm in any way infallible.
        I knew Francis was bad news the second I laid eyes on him. Six months later, when I finally gave voice to that concern, people mocked me because I talked about the "feeling" he gave me. Here we are three years later, and I'm not being laughed at that much anymore.
        This is who I am. Believe me, I don't share them all. And I'd be happy to be wrong about this one. It'd be the best news all year. But it's relevant, and so I'm putting it on the table.
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            Keep up the good work truth bombing the crowd, Steve.
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                Its your website, they are your prophecies. But the bergoglio stuff wasn't wildly predictive like this. Everybody could know who their man once we got him, some people were in denial and chose not to look, and you weren't, great. But his history was evidence that he was going to behave well... how he has thus far. Outside of a tendency for a financial panic each of the last 8 years before an election, i don't know what you have to go on. A death, a suppression, and Norcia? This just seemed categorically different than "we have a liberal pope, he will behave like a liberal, be prepared" and I'm not sure how much good it will do.
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                    Meh. I knew nothing about the man. The "spooky" stuff, as a friend of mine calls it, is just often a part of the reality of the Christian life. Ours is a world filled with angels, both the heavenly choirs and the fallen, and they take an active interest in our lives. Empricism isn't really a workable thing under such circumstances.
                    Ultimately, God is calling the shots, and sometimes, I think, He pulls back the veil a little bit so that those who are attentive or in tune have a sense of what's coming.
                    I am, again, not claiming prophecy. Just a feeling that things are moving in a certain direction. Like when your bones ache before a storm. It's not very specific, it's just indicative. Don't take it to be more than it is.
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                        I thank you for any end time inclinations you share. I too believe things are ramping up and frankly, the only real discussions on this subject are from other christian faiths. It's nice to get a catholic perspective since the RCC teaches us nothing on the subject.


              1. Does anyone have a copy of steve's post? Please post it here in the comment section I would like to know how crazy steve is.

                I think his prophecy is along the lines of "A death, a suppression, and Norcia"

                Steve says this about his prophetic gifts: "This is who I am. Believe me, I don't share them all.

              2. I had my bets on 'mega quake', splitting the country, and the Church. I'll check with Charlie Johnston before I commit to anything.


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