Akita Fanatics Are Delighted With A Split Church! But Not When Pope Francis Is The Root Cause Of The Schism! What?

"I may go down in history as the one who split the Church" Pope Francis 
"One will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops." Akita 
"If this means that cardinals will be opposed to cardinals, then we simply have to accept the fact that…that that’s the situation which we find ourselves." Cardinal Burke
You do understand that some Akita fanatics have been calling for a schism in the church since the synod on the family - you do remember that, right?

To prove the legitimacy of Akita there has to be a schism.

The Schism is Here. Right Now. 

Top Catholic Philosopher: Amoris Laetitia Will “Split the Church”

 A Rapidly Emerging Schism

So now that the Pope announces that he is the root cause of this desired schism - here comes the whiners (and remember now these onepeterfivers & their fearless leader Steve O'Skojec (he claims to be Irish) have been chomping at the bit for a schism in the Church):

First the article from the convert Maike Hickson of the Dollinger/Skojec/Hickson axis:
Pope Francis’ Reported Words: “I Might Go Down in History for Having Split the Catholic Church” 
Now comments from the followers of the cult leader O'Skojec - all of whom apparently forgot that they are for a SCHISM in the Church no matter what the source even if its from the Pope himself:
tallorder • 2 days ago Sigh. What an a**hole. Merry Christmas everyone. Remember to go to confession. I will be as well.
That's right tallorder is calling Pope Francis an ASSHOLE for cause the same Schism that onepeterfivers are wishing for!
James • 2 days ago A seriously unbalanced individual. 
Thomas Gillespie James • 2 days ago Unbalanced, to be sure. I think that balance in character comes only slowly, over many years, through regular communing with the Holy Spirit, who gives that balance. This man, this Bergoglio, shows no evidence of such regular communing. Quite the contrary
So now the Pope is UNBALANCED for causing a split! The very same split that these onepeterfivers were clamoring for!

There's more:
Thomas Gillespie • 2 days ago I'm still reeling from 'coprophagy' coming from a man people still call "Your Holiness". Right: poop-eating from Mr. Holiness. Anything is possible with this man.
Rick • 2 days ago He is wounded? his legacy? What about the wounds inflicted on the souls in the church not to mention the eternal jeopardy we all may be placed in. And what about the Pope's own salvation. If your in hell what difference does your legacy make? Why would he as the Supreme Pontiff even think about being " the one who split the Church " as if that is some accomplishment? I guess He really does not believe in hell, only soul annihilation. God help us all!!

Rclifton • 2 days ago He already has split the Church...having left the moral teachings behind he has tried to move the Church into the world of the marxist liberal social justice arena. God help our Church as he is trying to destroy it!

Christophe • 2 days ago Is the pope Catholic? Not a rhetorical question anymore. 3 • Reply•Share › Avatar mary_podlesak Christophe • a day ago No, and I'm more Catholic than the pope.

joelfago • 2 days ago There already is a schism. Pope Francis will go down in history for having split the Church.
kiwiinamerica • 3 days ago Every day.......every single day there is a "he said what??" moment. Like a deranged psychotic he just babbles on and on........day and night. If he's not turning peoples' stomachs with revolting references to human excrement, he's ranting about "rigid" Catholics, yelling at the Cardinals, wringing his hands about carbon emissions or ridiculing Catholic tradition. It's an unending deluge of trash talk, modernism, heresy and negativity. As if that's not enough, when we really do need him to talk and confirm Catholic doctrine by answering the dubia, he shuts the hell up!!! What an absolute chastisement for a faithless Church he truly is!
There is more - almost 300 comments with a similar theme that Pope Francis bad for being the root cause of the split!

And these 300 comments came from onepeterfivers cult members who believe that the Akita message is good for calling for a split in the Church.