What? Haters Of Pope's Amoris Laetitia Are Fans Of 3X Divorced Stephen K. Bannon!

Married three times:

  • Cathleen Houff Jordan (divorced)
  • Mary Piccard (1995–1997) (divorced)
  • Diane Clohesy (divorced 2009)
That means he's been divoriced 3X!
Bannon's first marriage was to Cathleen Houff Jordan. They had a daughter, Maureen.Following their divorce, Bannon married former investment banker Mary Louise Piccard in April 1995. Their twin daughters were born three days later. After Piccard and Bannon divorced in 1997, Bannon married Diane Clohesy. That marriage also ended in divorce in 2009. Wiki
This post is not about Mr. Steve Bannon. We all make mistakes. He just made three big ones - breaking a vow before God and man 3x.

This post is about the TARES amongst the Traditionalist WHEAT:
Chrys.: He then points out the manner of the Devil"s snares, saying, "While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares in the midst of he wheat, and departed." He here shews that error arose after truth, as indeed the course of events testifies; for the false prophets came after the Prophets, the false apostles after the Apostles, and Antichrist after Christ. For unless the Devil sees somewhat to imitate, and some to lay in wait against, he does not attempt any thing. Therefore because he saw that this man bears fruit an hundred, this sixty, and this thirtyfold, and that he was not able to carry off or to choke that which had taken root, he turns to other insidious practices, mixing up his own seed, which is a counterfeit of the true, and thereby imposes upon such as are prone to be deceived. So the parable speaks, not of another seed, but of tares which bear a great likeness to wheat corn. Further, the malignity of the Devil is shewn in this, that he sowed when all else was completed, that he might do the greater hurt to the husbandman. St. Thomas Aquinas' Golden Chain Matt.13:24-30 for the twenty fifth Sunday after Pentecost (5th Sunday after Epiphany)
And now we have Latin Mass Traditionalists who hate Pope Francis and hate Amoris Laetitia are some how in love with a 3X divorced Roman Catholic?


Now some are coming to the defense of a Catholic who is not allowed to receive communion in their Latin Mass Churches - because he is a Trumpite.

Some trads are outraged that Sodomite Gary Voris has been outed for his support for Bannon by the NY Times:

‘Church Militant’ Theology Is Put to New, and Politicized, Use
A week after Stephen K. Bannon helped engineer the populist revolt that led to Donald J. Trump’s election, Buzzfeed unearthed a recording of him speaking to a Vatican conference of conservative Catholics in 2014. In his presentation, Mr. Bannon, then the head of the hard-right website Breitbart News and now Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, called on the “church militant” to fight a global war against a “new barbarity” of “Islamic fascism” and international financial elites, with 2,500 years of Western civilization at risk. While most listeners probably overlooked the term “church militant,” knowledgeable Catholics would have recognized it as a concept deeply embedded in the church’s teaching. Moreover, they would have noticed that Mr. Bannon had taken the term out of context, invoking it in a call for cultural and military conflict rather than for spiritual warfare, particularly within one’s soul, its longstanding connotation. As the Trump administration prepares to take office, the use of Church Militant theology has gone well beyond its religious meaning and has taken on a political resonance. To fully grasp what “church militant” means in this highly politicized atmosphere, it helps to examine the broader movement and the role of a traditionalist Catholic website called — to no surprise — ChurchMilitant.com. The site’s right-wing stances against globalism, immigration, social-welfare programs and abortion, as well as its depiction of an existential war against radical Islam, mesh with many of the positions espoused by Mr. Trump and his inner circle. (Mr. Bannon did not respond to questions submitted to the Trump transition office.) NYT
Here's the outrage agains the NYT
New York Times Horrified That Steve Bannon is a Militant Catholic
OK I think its official - Latin Mass Attending Traditionalists are just as foolish as those who attend the new Mass!

Attendance at the Latin Mass does not preserved you from being a stupid and inconsistent hypocrite!


  1. Are people really upset by the article? Why?

    1. anyone in the Trump administration is UNTOUCHABLE according to the Traditionalist Political doctrine..it'll only get bizarre over the next four years...again, attendance at the Latin Mass is no super-vaccine against the errors of our age...


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