Ann Barnhardt Needs A Priest To Offer A Mass For The Conversion Of Ivanka Trump - Must Agree Never To Pray For ANTI-POPE FRANCIS During The Te Igitur!

Ann must be having nightmares after posting her foolishness:

And if a strange man tells you to commemorate Antipope Bergoglio and not the true Roman Pontiff Pope Benedict XVI at the Te Igitur, you say…? AN – DAY – OH! (Korean for “no!”) Source

Ann only attends a Mass where the priest refuses to pray for the ANTI-POPE FRANCIS during the Te Igitur

Te Igitur
Missale Romanum 1962

Te igitur, clementissime Pater, per Iesum Christum Filium tuum Dominum nostrum, supplices rogamus ac petimus uti accepta habeas, et benedicas, haec dona, haec munera, haec sancta sacrificia illibata, in primis, quae tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia tua sancta catholica: quam pacificare, custodire, adunare, et regere digneris toto orbe terrarum: una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N. et Antistite nostro N., et omnibus orthodoxis, atque catholicae, et apostolicae fidei cultoribus.

Therefore, most gracious Father, we humbly beg of Thee and entreat Thee, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord to deem acceptable and bless, these gifts, these offerings, these holy and unspotted oblations. which we offer unto Thee in the first instance for Thy holy and Catholic Church, that Thou wouldst deign to give her peace and protection, to unite and guide her the whole world over; together with Thy servant N., our Pope, and N., our bishop, and all true believers, who cherish the catholic and apostolic faith.

That is, if Ann really is a Catholic and really does attends mass......

Now that Ann has been caught in her foolishness she tries to make amends by asking for a Priest to offer a mass for Ivanka Trump on her pod cast:

Barnhardt Podcast #003 – Following Up and Looking Up

Make a request for priests who are willing to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the reversion of Ivanka Trump and the conversion of her husband and children. Source

Ann fails to make mention that the priest must never pray for the ANTI-POPE FRANCIS during the Te Igitur.


I would like to know what type of Priest will agree never to pray for Pope Francis during the Te Igitur

Really? who will be the priest to publicly announce that he will not pray for Pope Francis during Te Igitur taking money from Ann Barnhardt.......



  1. I have an intuition that in the afterlife, Ivanka Trump and Ann Barnhardt will have a long time (eternity!) to make up their quarrel.


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