Steve Skojec Is Tired Of The Argument That Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre & SSPX Is The Reason Why We Have The Latin Mass Now!

On The Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre & SSPX:

ShikokuPrincess91 jpaYMCA • 19 hours ago

So Catholicism is just obeying authority, even when there is a humongous, gaping problem.

The fact is, that the SSPX are the reason we have the mass now. There was a time where it was just them and Campos celebrating it.

All those converts brought to the light by the mass owe credit to the SSPX.

Finally, i get your argument and I think your intentions are good.

But am I really supposed to get upset at ABP Lefebvre consecrating some traditional bishops, when tons of Novus Ordo priests don't believe Christ is even divine?

How many bishops could I list who have actually embraced wrong doctrine? Why aren't they excommunicated?

This is cuckservatism (Buckley Conservatism) ruling the Church. Your argument isn't; it's clearly based on historic knowledge of canon law. Your argument is sound in many ways. But cuckservatives could use it to justify despising tradition if they aren't prevented from it by clear language.

The cucks in politics bow to all leftists yet rage and scream about those to the right who actually care for civilization. It's Jeb Bush's "act of love" in politics; it's the anti-SSPX spirit in the Church.

In Japan we have no mass outside the SSPX. I refuse to go to a half Buddhist "mass" where the priest doesn't preach true doctrine, especially when our nation is struggling so much from lack of children!

Steve dismisses the work of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre & the SSPX:

Steve Skojec ShikokuPrincess91 19 hours ago Look, we're very sympathetic to the SSPX here, but I tire of this argument that they're the reason we have the Mass now. We have the Mass now because of immemorial custom. Because it is the oldest canon of all the rites of the Church (according to liturgical scholar Fr. Adrian Fortescue). Because of Pope St. Pius V and Quo Primum. Because of lots of reasons that indicate that God wants us to have it.

It is simply impossible to demonstrate that had Archbishop Lefebvre not consecrated the bishops against the will of Rome, we'd be wandering in the desert without a TLM. (Or whichever variant of that argument you want to make.)

God provides. If the SSPX hadn't been an active mechanism, something else would have been.

But God rewards obedience, and this is why I have always struggled with the consecrations. Scripture, Tradition, and the institutional Church are our only safeguards on God's truth. When St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was told by her superiors that they did not believe in her visions and asked for God to show the truth of His presence by making her useful through her exactitude to her religion and the rule, Jesus responded: "Tell your Superior that I shall render thee more useful than she thinks, but in a manner known at present only to Me. Henceforth, I shall adjust my graces to the spirit of thy Rule, to the will of thy Superiors and to thy weakness; so that thou must regard as suspicious everything that might withdraw thee from the exact observance of thy Rule, which it is My will that thou shouldst prefer the will of thy Superiors to Mine, whenever they may forbid thee to do what I command thee. Suffer them to act as they please with thee; I shall know well how to find means for the accomplishment of my designs, even though they may appear to be opposed and contrary thereto. I reserve for Myself only the guidance of thy interior, and especially of thy heart, for, having established therein the empire of My pure love, I will never yield it to others."

Obedience does not extend to immoral acts. But it can extend to imprudent ones. We have to be very careful about walking that line properly. Source


  1. Skojec lecturing on obedience is a bit like Margaret Sanger lecturing on pro-life issues...


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