Fatimaistas Now Looking For A Meteor Of Death To Destroy Us All! What?

From the pen of Christopher A. Ferrara:

'Catholics have good reason to think that a meteor of death may well be the instrument of divine cleansing foretold in the Book of the Apocalypse, which a series of Popes (Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI) have linked explicitly to the Message of Fatima.' Source

I didn't know the Blessed Mother EVER said anything about a meteor of death.

I guess Ferrara has a different translation of Our Lady's words.

Now Ferrara is looking for a second flood:

'The signs are growing that God will have to cleanse the world as He did at the time He commanded Noah to build the Ark.' Source

As usual Fatimaistas refuse to mention La Salette:

'Let me repeat that: The human race has been living on borrowed time. Catholics perhaps understand this better than others, for they know about the role of divine chastisement in salvation history, beginning with the Flood: the punishment of mankind on account of its apostasy and rebellion against God’s law. And they know as well of the divine warnings of a coming chastisement conveyed by the Mother of God at Fatima, Akita and elsewhere' Source

Funny how these nitwits to a man claim that Melanie fabricated the Message that was published in 1879 when these exact same nitwits make up a Meteor of DEATH


  1. The "meteor of death" stupidity, borrowed from the Protestant Rapture heretics and the Heaven's Gate pagans, shows how morally bankrupt Ferrara and his girlfriend Hillary White (who calls it a "sweet meteorite of death") really are. It's a good thing the Church took Psalm 108 (109) out of the LOTH as it applies perfectly to them and their idiot friends Skojec, Spalding, Gay Armaticus, Barnhardt, Verecchio and so on.... =)

  2. Also, note that the slimeball Ferrera includes a link to the obscene website "Urban Dictionary", which is blocked as "adult material" in many workplaces and runs on revenue from ads for lingerie, in his article. Hey Ferrara, you really need to install Covenant Eyes on that pr0n-infested computer of yours!! =)

  3. It started with The Ball of Redemption foretold by Veronica Luekin and Neceedah people. It's become part of the mythology of apparition theorists and therefore accepted as universal.


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