Give Money To The Poor! Stop Giving Money To Blogger Steve Skojec! Stevie Gets Too Many Donations To Send Out Thank Yous!

You save your soul by giving money to the POOR!

Got it?

Stop giving your hard earned money to a fat slob who sits around the house all day blogging and tweeting!

You Morons!

You return thanks to God for the benefits received from Him. You do this by giving what God gave you, back to the poor for their relief.

Got it!

You don't give money to a fat slob of a blogger so that he can try the new brand of Doritos.

At least a poor person says thank you!


Liz Hornback Feuerborn • a day ago I donated a bit, but one thing I think a lot of people miss are two things: one is a quick thank you email even an automated one, is really nice and two is that little money really does add up. I think you understand the last one and I know that you are grateful, but when people thank us for our gifts, big and small it really does inspire me even more.

Steve Skojec Mod Liz Hornback Feuerborn • a day ago Hold on - are you telling me you didn't receive one? I agree that this is extremely important, and I want to know if we're missing any of these points of contact. I used to personally thank every donor. As the number of people has grown too large to make that possible, I'm forced to rely on the system and I respond to folks where I can. If you didn't receive something, I'm sorry - let me say than you right now. I want to figure out right away why this isn't happening.

Liz Hornback Feuerborn Steve Skojec • a day ago Mea Culpa, Steve. It totally is there with the receipt. I'm so sorry. I took my frustration of not getting thank you's from other places out on your comment section and I was so wrong. I'm sorry! Yikes! Thank you for the THANK YOU!!

Steve Skojec Mod Liz Hornback Feuerborn • a day ago No, it's fine. I'll tell you a true story. I once had a priest I know donate a significant amount of money when we were really struggling, back in our first year. I was so grateful that in addition to the note I know he got from our system, I also sent him a personal thank you, because I was so humbled by his generosity. Months went by, and then, all of a sudden, he said something to me about how hurt he was, because what he had given was a really big deal to him, and he'd never done anything like that before, and he didn't even hear a peep. I went back and looked and saw that two emails had gone to him -- both the automated one, and the one I sent -- and I told him about it. As it turned out, he had an old email address associated with his PayPal account. He wasn't getting the notifications because of a technicality. He had unfortunately been feeling neglected for a long time at that point. I do whatever I can to try to eliminate these possibilities. I want every person who contributes to this enterprise to know how much they are appreciated. I have developed this habit of going through every notification I get that someone has made a donation, and saying, "God bless you, (insert name here)." It's a little thing, but it keeps me accountable for gratitude, and for asking God to bless those who take care of us. If our donors feel unappreciated, it's totally my job to fix it. I'm glad you brought it to my attention. Far better than to let it go on longer without knowing. And thank you again!


  1. Steve Skojec loves money.
    Money is the root of many evils.
    Therefore..... =)


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