Knucklehead Prophet Father Frank Pavone: Trump Is A Blessing For The Catholic Church!

As [Trump] spoke passionately of the role of faith in American life, of the freedom Americans must have to live their faith and of the freedom pastors must have to preach that faith without government restriction, I could not help but think that there are so many in the church who do not yet realize what a blessing this president is for the church. Source


  1. It is one thing to accept that Trump is better than The Wicked Witch on some issues.

    It is entirely another to proclaim him the saviour of Catholics and the next Davidic king.

    But then, this is Frank "Dead Baby Liturgy" Pavone we are talking about. Expecting him to be a voice of reason is like expecting Skojec to not be a foul-tempered rumour monger.

    At least he's not having Bill Clinton sex like his buddy Thomas Euteneuer. =)


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