Hypocrisy Of The Pro-Life Rad Trad Lay Movement: Stop Giving Money To Trad Bloggers! Give Your Money To Homeless Megan Doudney & Her 6 Week Old Homeless Baby Girl!

Gotta hate the hypocrisy of the Rad Trad lay Movement.

The last few weeks its been Charlie Gard this and Charlie Gard that.

Not to mention the Rad Trad outrage when a pro-abortionist spoke at a Catholic Church somewhere in Italy.

Outrage! Against the UK government and the Hospital for Murdering Charlie Gard  etc...

But here is a story of a woman who needs help.

Will Rad Trads help this poor woman?

No instead the lot of the fat slobs will give their money to Fr Z so he can take another trip or buy another gun. Or they will fund Steve Skojec so that he can sit around  in his underwear all day..and so on.

Here read this and figure out a way to help this woman:

Homeless mom panhandles on Market Street with newborn baby

San Franciscans know they’ll see all walks of life along Market Street, but a new fixture on the colorful thoroughfare has shocked even the most hardened city dwellers: a 6-week-old, homeless baby girl. All day long, Megan Doudney, 34, sits on the sidewalk near the Four Seasons Hotel between Third and Fourth streets with little Nedahlia in her arms and a sign reading, “Anything helps.” The sight is alarming, even in this city where just about anything goes. Pedestrians walking past do double takes, exclaiming, “Oh my God!” or “She has a baby!” But they’re not on some hidden-camera show. This is very much real life. Several people have called 911, including when another homeless person’s menacing dog got in the baby’s face. Police have responded numerous times, and child welfare workers from the Human Services Agency have investigated whether the baby should be removed from Doudney. At first blush, it seems obvious that’s the right answer, but so far, the city is throwing up its hands. Apparently, the newborn is healthy and developing well, and isn’t going anywhere. “I’m not harming her in any way,” Doudney told me as we chatted on the sidewalk the other day. She held the sleeping baby, who was wrapped in a fluffy blue blanket. She noted a medical checkup required by the child welfare workers a couple of weeks ago found the baby had low blood sugar but was otherwise fine. And what if the city did try to remove the baby? “They’d have a fight on their hands — a serious, serious fight,” said Doudney, who sports short blue dreadlocks. “I love her. I wanted my entire life to be a mommy. Even when I was a little kid in school, they’d say, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I always said, ‘A mommy.’” Read Rest Here>>>>>>>

Oh, I know.....

Rad Trad: "this woman doesn't have a job!"

That's your reason for not helping her.

Rad Trad: "Get a job Bitch!"

Just another reason to hate the Rad Trads....

I wonder if Dave Domet will demand the death of this woman?

Dave Domet: "You're going to hell lady"


Here tell these Pro-Life San Fran Rad Trads to help this woman:

Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco Email | tlmofsf@gmail.com

Rad Trads can also be found at the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass (sometimes referred to as the "Tridentine Mass")  


Immaculate Conception Chapel
(St. Anthony of Padua Parish)
Sundays: 5:00 pm

St. Monica Church
Monday-Friday: Noon (Call to confirm)

Star of the Sea Church
Weekdays and Holy Days: 7:30 am
(Latin Low Mass)
Sundays: 11 am (Latin High Mass)
1st Fridays: 6:30 pm (Latin High Mass)

Or how about these guys?

St. John's Oratory

Offering the Only Fully Traditional Pre-Vatican II
Traditional Latin Mass in the Bay Area (since 1992)
Not the New Order Service of 1969 (aka "New Mass")
Not the Half New Order Vatican II Service of 1962+ (aka "Extraordinary")
But the Fully Traditional Roman Catholic Latin Mass (1950)

At the Fishermen's & Seamen's Memorial Chapel
Pier 45-B, Next to the Bell-tower
One Block Northeast of Jefferson & Taylor
Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco