Steve Skojec Declares WAR On Rorate Caeli Blog! WHAT?

john • 21 hours ago Steve, I see the gutless, holier than thou, arrogant jerks at Rorate running their mouths. Hang in there, those guys must have had their feelings hurt, that they aren't the be all and end all, with regard to Church news. They are like little, spoiled children. They can't handle when someone calls them out on anything, that's why they can't handle commentary, any more. It's beyond me why anyone would so easily believe Muller and friends denials so easily. The guy was spineless, always backing down from his defense of the Faith when pressed ( not to mention he holds heretical views, himself). I think I read somewhere that he's (Muller) probably making all his denials, in order that he not anymore face the wrath of Francis, and remain a silent "martyr." He'll hang out in Rome, thinking he can snake his way into the Papacy if there is another conclave in a few years, making everyone think he's the hero of orthodoxy ( he obviously has the blind mice at Rorate all fawning over him). Unfortunately, the present age is in such a downward spiral, most of the hierarchy seems to have absolutely no issues with telling outright lies.

Steve Skojec Mod john • 21 hours ago If you want a good laugh (or shout, depending on how you look at it), have a gander at this: http://marymagdalen.blogspo...

hows_the_boy Steve Skojec • 2 hours ago And yet a mere five days earlier the same priest wrote this on his blog: http://marymagdalen.blogspo... All I can think to say is: what?

john Steve Skojec • 11 hours ago Why anyone would think to defend any of those vipers occupying the Vatican, is beyond comprehension. Obviously, the brain rot is spreading to many, at an alarming rate.

Steve Skojec Mod john • 21 hours ago Thanks, although I'd avoid painting all the folks at Rorate with the same brush. Peter Kwasniewksi and Joseph Shaw both write there, and I'm on great terms with both. Augustinius has never been anything but decent to me, and I've got a good working relationship with Adfero. Really, New Catholic is 90% of the problem. Maybe he should man up and use his real name.

polycarped Steve Skojec • 13 hours ago PLEASE let's not let this descend into a fight between traditionalists. Extremely counterproductive. Steve, you've made it clear that you stand by this story and why. Although i and many others disagree with that, that's entirely your call/this is your back yard. People are free to believe what they wish, especially in the absence of more transparent/credible sources. My view of Pope Francis (and I would suspect those at Rorate's view) doesn't change one iota either way. He's a disaster for the Church.

Steve Skojec Mod polycarped • 7 hours ago I suggest you lodge your complaints with those attacking our moral integrity or taking delight in our perceived failures for what appear to be petty reasons. We've never treated Rorate with anything but respect, but we've been on the receiving end of some very strange behavior from NC for years. I could speculate why, but I don't think it's helpful. Meanwhile, we continue to get new confirmations that our story was not wrong in its broad outlines, only in some of its particulars. We plan to write a followup soon.

polycarped Steve Skojec • 7 hours ago Steve, not a complaint, simply a brotherly plea, from a 1P5 reader/lover. :) God bless.

Steve Skojec Mod polycarped • 7 hours ago You may have noticed that I'm a fighter. Having my ethics impugned by people who are allegedly on my side is not something I take lightly. This is not a fight I initiated, but I do a very poor impression of a doormat.

polycarped Steve Skojec • 7 hours ago Perhaps I've missed something. In which case my apologies. I hope you don't think i have intended to impugn your ethics.

Steve Skojec Mod polycarped • 6 hours ago No, not you. I mean I've either been attacked directly (or by extension) now by several traditionally-inclined and well-known blogs. I'm merely standing my ground, not starting fights.