Arizona USA: Members Of Nationalist Forza Nuova Sitting In The Pew Next To You At Latin Mass?

Yes the Latin Mass Attending Forza Nuova is here in the US.

Some of them are probably sitting in the pews next to you during Sunday Mass.

How do I know this?

Because they are located in Chandler Arizona.

Why they even posted Forza Nuova flyers all around the city.

Forza Nuova USA lends support to our nationalist brothers in Italy. As the years have gone by, we have witnessed the destruction, both racially and economically, of our Italy. The globalists and internationalists have collectively bankrupted our homeland and we are the face of that resistance. We also wish to counter lies and propaganda against Forza Nuova in the English speaking world by providing official translations of Forza Nuova articles. In the future our goal will be to organize support for both the Party in Italy and our Italian Brothers who are in need.

What Rad Trad would disagree with these Nationalist Eight Points?

The Eight Points

  1. Repeal of abortion laws
  2. Family and population growth at the center of national revival policy
  3. Immigration block and start a human return
  4. Ban of Freemasonry and secret societies notice
  5. Usury eradication and zero public debt
  6. Restoring the 1929 Agreement between State and Catholic Church
  7. Repeal of the liberticidal laws Mancino and Scelba
  8. Formation of guilds to protect workers and the national community
Forza Nuova US website (here)

The Rad Trad movement is finished.

You've all gone Nationialist because of Fr. Gurner Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara.

Now you get to reap the rewards!

Forza Nuova Local Activites: Arizona

The weekend of March 26th I had the opportunity to attend the Italian Association of Arizona’s annual gathering. Because our chapter is new in the Arizona community, I wanted to get the feel for the ethnic bond that exists among Italians here. The event was extremely crowded, so I apologize if the picture quality and amount is not the best, butt the point is that we are getting out here and doing stuff in the real world as well. For the Arizonan Italians that are reading this, I encourage you to go next year. Source

Here's the vile thing about these men - they tell you they want to ban secret societies like Freemasonry, but these very same bastards who sit in the pew next to you, will not tell you that they are involved with the Nationalists Forza Nuova - they keep their membership a secret! 

These secretive men will not even tell the priest, they won't tell their wives, they won't tell their children or family members. 

They won't tell anyone until they are sure they can be trusted in the inner workings of the Secretive Arizona Forza Nuova Chapter!

Got that?

Here practice the anthem of New Force and get ready to march in the streets of Phoenix!