Colombian Professor José Galat Went To Mass This Morning And Received Communion - Excommunicated by A TWEET? LOL!

Maybe its a new evangelization tool - excommunicate by Tweet.

Then again maybe the professor is not really excommunicated.

Maybe this is just fake news:

The purpose of the 1p5 article?

stirred up quite a firestorm in the comment box.  Source

Click bait to rake in more money from followers....

Stevie is for ever shooting down the com box arguments from the Sedevacantists and Barnhardtists on whether or not Pope Francis is the Pope. Problem with Stevie's situation is that he has to read every single comment from the Anti-Pope Francis camp - and will sooner or later Stevie will be influence by the Anti-Pope Francis camp and go over to their side. Just punishment for a man who claims to have been raised on the knee of the pervert Marcial Maciel.

Stevie lies again about his policy etc...

"This is why we have the comment policy we do, and why we enforce it even when it sometimes seems a bit heavy handed. I’m not looking forward to standing before God and having to answer for why I let reckless and idle speculation run wild here. We’re careful in the stories we report to give you the information we have about the problems that exist, but not to draw conclusions that we have no right to come to. We ask for that same prudence to be extended to your discussion of these articles." Source

Stevie does not like to be called out as a liar and fraud so he bans those who disagree with him.

As for his policy of not allowing  idle speculation run wild here - is a joke! Maike Hickson does nothing but speculate with her unnamed sources and ridiculous stories on what's contained in the Third Secret - A BAD MASS & BAD COUNCIL! Which of course is a lie and not provable without the actual text released for public view. So Hickson & Skojec SPECULATE on whats in a text that they do not have access to - just rumors.

Again - Skojec is a liar - when he says he is not engaging in speculations - he is  engaging in speculation.  That's his trick -  to tell us what  he is not doing and then does the very thing!

This will only get worse for Stevie  - he will crash and burn just like Voris.