Fr. Z's Situation Awareness: Lets Say You're Out For A Ride On Your Bike When.....

I don’t know about you, but over the last year or so I have become increasingly disciplined regarding my situation awareness. When I get out of my car, I look around to see where everyone is. When I walk out the door, I look around to see where everyone is. When I walk into a place, I look around. I know where the doors and exits are. I see where everyone is, who comes in after me. If I see someone that looks or behaves oddly, I keep an eye on them. Fr. Z Read More>>>>>

As you can see Fr. Z's Situation Awareness advice did not save this man. I hope you understand the purpose of this Fr. Z's Situation Awareness post. This post is not an attack on the person of Fr. Z. This post is an attack on the foolishness of a gun toting priest. Is that clear?

Many things you can do to assure your safety - like avoiding evil company - the Church has always taught Catholics to avoid evil company. Do you understand this? Here how this works - if you don't take the advice of the Church to avoid evil company and insist to join evil company, you're going to find yourself in danger - both in life and limb and the lost of your salvation. That's the best way to protect yourself - Fr. Z ignore this advice and makes up his own evil advice in opposition to the good advice given by the Church - Fr. Z's advice is not to avoid evil company but practice Situation Awareness - meaning that you can join evil company but keep your eyes open for any possible danger. Do you understand this? 

Again, Situation Awareness is not needed if you follow the advice of the Church - which is to AVOID EVIL COMPANY. If you follow this advice - then there is no need to be paranoid about those around you.

But if you take Fr.Z's advice of joining evil company and practice Situation Awareness - you're gonna get burned.

Do you understand this?

Words of a pistol packing paranoid priest Fr. Z:

In the last two weeks I have spoken with several priests who have been harassed or threatened by people who are somewhat deranged and who (probably) go on and off their meds...... .I save copies of everything, all the harassing notes, nastygrams, and threats.  Eventually these nitwits – who are often also perverts – make a mistake.  They think they are pretty smart.  Eventually they screw up......I warmly recommend, Fathers, taking classes for a concealed carry license and obtaining one.  Even if you choose to not carry, your would be attacker won’t know that.  And the training is useful in many ways.......Keep your head on a swivel.  Practice good situational awareness......I think that attacks will rise as things get dumber and weirder more more carnal.  And there are always going to be deranged people.  This too will probably worse as the drug problem worsens. Fr. Z

So paranoid Fr. Z doesn't construe this Situation Awareness post as a death threat to him. I've change a couple of things, as you can see - its no longer "Fr. Z" who is the victim of his own silly situation awareness, buts its "you" the reader of this blog - so if you take offense by all means don't view this blog - please go elsewhere.

In case this is lost on Fr. Z and his Leo friends - this post is to point out the foolishness of a priest who denies the providence of God and would rather place his trust in his bullets, guns, knives and other assorted weapons (especially during Mass when Fr. Z is saying Mass up there on the Altar- cause we all know that Fr. Z doesn't want to go the way of St. Matthew). This foolish priest would rather place his trust in his two senses of sight & hearing than placing his trust in the protection of the Blessed Trinity and in the protection of the Mother of God, angels & saints.

I hope you're not offended by this post.....

I hope you don't send this post to the police in my hometown or to the police where I attend Mass or to the police where I work....

I hope you don't feel the need to find out my location and hunt me down....

I hope you don't feel the need to stalk me at the library and take pics of me to warn the police.


Oh the above video is just to confuse you.....please don't misread this video as a threat against Fr. Z or against you, or against your cat, or against your barista, or against (fill in the blank)