One Peter Five Blog Is A Storm Shelter From The Coming Storm!


Steve in his latest podcast claims that he had a sense that a storm is a comin' and he wanted to create a storm shelter for Traditionalist Catholics to take shelter in!

Stevie provides a shelter for you!

But in order to take shelter in Steve's shelter you must pay him.

You must also acknowledge that Steve is the master of your fate and only master Steve can save you and yours.

Must explain the reason for the constant climate of fear on his blog. Fear of losing ones faith and fear of leaving the church. So if you pay attention to Steve you will be safe.

Think I'm just making this up?

Here are some comments from his devoted followers:

veritasetgratia • 11 hours ago That was just marvellous Steve and Michael! I am so grateful that both you are doing this work. Yes, Steve, to your plan to provide a shelter where Catholics can gather online, listen to one another and share ideas and coping strategies and know they are not alone. What you guys are going through is in some areas replicated at our level too, e..g. raising some of these issues with good Priests can invite the accusation of "being divisive"! That's a shock when that comes from good Priests. It is important that ALL of the corruption comes out! Whilst it takes people years to listen and then to accept all the bad news, this has to be done, because we are meant to be 'wise as serpents' and we cannot do that without being willing to be informed. Also, for those of us in catechetical positions, we can get weighed down with the question 'but where do I lead this group of students now? Where is it safe?' So many times in this podcast I had to laugh at the comments which were duplicating my own thoughts! Even EVEN the sudden decision of Michael to wear the Scapular every day now! I've worn the Miraculous Medal for years but because of the heat of summer here shied away from the scapular despite being enrolled. But once I saw the Vatican was supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of population reduction, and having watched 'masters of deceit' film clip, I figure the UN or their nutty delegates may just release a local plague or whatever, so getting out of Purgatory on the first Saturday after my death might be a good reason to stop procrastinating on the Scapular! Thank you both so much. Would love to hear you guys talk more whenever you can! God bless!

Fr. RP Mod • 14 hours ago Woe to you shepherds who rape the Holy Bride of Christ out of your wanton lusts and rapacious greed that is idolatry, for the Lord God is the avenger of souls. Woe to you shepherds who sheer the sheep for your own material gain and fatten them on the pleasures of the world, the flesh and the devil only to devour them seeking to satiate your own insatiable appetites for the flesh, mammon and power, for the Lord God shall vent His just and infinite wrath upon you for eternity. Know that the evil you have wrought shall be brought upon you and you shall not escape it. Taste the Hell that awaits you and know that it is merely the beginning, for you shall choke upon your own evil, and that evil shall engulf you for ever and ever. Repent you vile wretches, you sons of Sodom and you wickedly false religious daughters of Gomorra for the Lord shall visit upon you a hundred fold all that you have visited upon His Beloved Bride and Her children. For every soul that is lead astray, for every innocent victim, for every soul that is lost by thy heresy, by thy wickedness, by thy complicitness, by thy ambiguously forked tongue, by thy unholy silence in the face of evil: You Shall Pay! Source

Will add more crazy comments about Stevie's shelter from the storm!


  1. Fr.RP actually left that comment?
    So you have to donate to get this safe place?
    W/out general access they can conspire to take over the Knights of Columbus and restore the regalia.

  2. I think Fr RP is a troll whom Steve just keeps around to play Mod Squad Terrorist. There is a good chance that he is simply a sockpuppet for Steve, with the "Fr" added to impress feeble minds. Either that, or he's a Sedevacantist.


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