Rad Trad Snowflakes At Remnant Newspaper Afraid Of Direct Questions......

Comment Guidelines The Remnant values the comments and input of our visitors. It’s no secret, however, that trolls exist, and trolls can do a lot of damage to a brand. Therefore, our comments are heavily monitored 24/7 by Remnant moderators around the country. They have been instructed to remove demeaning, hostile, needlessly combative, racist, Christophobic comments, and streams not related to the storyline. Multiple comments from one person under a story are also discouraged. Capitalized sentences or comments will be removed (Internet shouting). The Remnant comments sections are not designed for frequent personal blogging, on-going debates or theological or other disputes between commenters. Please understand that we pay our writers to defend The Remnant’s editorial positions. We thus acknowledge no moral obligation whatsoever to allow anyone and everyone to try to undermine our editorial policy and create a general nuisance on our website. Therefore, Remnant moderators reserve the right to edit or remove comments, and comments do not necessarily represent the views of The Remnant. Source

That's their comment policy.

Here are my comments on the Remnant site that got deleted:

Discussion on Remnant Newspaper 19 comments Welcome to the Twilight Zone 

dxv 515 3 minutes ago oh and please don't accuse me of hate and delete my posts.....I attend the Latin Mass like the rest of you....I just don't bring a gun to Mass..... dxv 515

dxv 515 4 minutes ago  "Traditional Catholics and their Evangelical brethren have the power to dramatically change the political and religious course in the U.S. and around the world." Really? Its OK for the Lay to engage in political eccumenism with heretics? But its wrong for the Clergy to engage in religious eccumenism? Double standards will not achieve victory.... Oh..maybe if you just keep on casting ballots for protestant politicians - all things in Christ will be restored! LOL! same old strategy...it isn't going to work 

dxv 515 9 minutes ago Fr. Jacques Hamel beheaded at Holy Mass by Islamists? Holy Mass? What? Blogging Rad Trad Dave Domet Called The New Mass a Bastard Rite? Which is it? Holy Or Bastard?



  1. The Remnant is pretty notorious for censoring anything that they don't like, even if it's a direct quotation from a Pope or Saint. But One Peter Five is far worse; they will censor even comments that were upvoted by their readers, provided their "snowflake" mods (one "Jafin" and one "Father RP") don't like it. =)

    1. do you have a blog?

      Oh and my blogs may be shut down for good by mid October.

      I got this notice from google:

      Google+ access suspended

      You may no longer use Google+ because you have violated our User Content and Conduct Policy multiple times.

      If you have content on Google+ that you want to keep, you have about two months to export it using Google Takeout. The content is visible only to you. After that time your content will be deleted and you will no longer be able to get a copy. Learn more

      This will not affect other Google services that do not require an active Google+ profile, such as Gmail.


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