REPOST: David Domet (Vox Cantoris) Is No Martyr. He’s Been Brazenly Libelling Catholics For Years

Originally Posted March 10, 2015:  Truth Comes Out About Vox Cantoris (Dave Domet) A Ticking Time Bomb!  

Posted by Frances Pope on Sunday, Mar 8, 2015 1:03 PM (EDT):

This website of a young Catholic I know;and Domet has been slandering on the web for years is worth visiting. It might educate people to the truth.

Here is what this young man has to say. He is right.

“...Worse, I hate to see it done to young people of my generation and the next. To do it to the Church`s next generation and kids, to me, is a darker, more villainous sin to commit vs. older adults. It is deeply contrary to the New Evangelization, and instead embraces a New Tyranny…”

Posted by Frances Pope on Sunday, Mar 8, 2015 12:52 PM (EDT):

This case is not as cut and dry as you think. It’s amazing that those who know little or nothing are writing or commenting here.

My experience with Domet who has maliciously slandered Young Catholics on the web,is voiced by Maggie on another Blog. I take the liberty of forwarding a very accurate comment by Maggie on another blog which was deleted by the blogger who happened to be a Domet supporter.

“... David is no martyr. He’s been brazenly libelling people for years; and we’re not just talking of people like Fr. Rosica. He’s written tirades in his blogs against people who were formally his friends, kids at least 3 decades younger than he. He’s even lashed out at others in the traditionalist movement here in Toronto and undermined their efforts when they’ve organized Solemn Masses on Holy Days at churches that haven’t so much as smelt incense in 40 years.

This man was a ticking time bomb. It was only a matter of time. If Rosica pursues this and decides to reach out to other people David’s libelled it could get interesting. And it would be his own doing.

I’ve been reading comments on the traditional Catholic blogosphere giving David all kinds of advice from “hiring a canon lawyer” to suggestions of writing to our archbishop or even writing to the pope. Some are painting this as some vast conspiracy instigated by Francis to silence blogs that he doesn’t like. With respect, Francis is likely busier smoking a big big spliff with Rabbi Skorka and Msgr. Ricca in a heated jacuzzi in Sanctae Marthae than following bloggers of the likes of Domet. All this support from clueless people who don’t even know him just feeds the beast that is David’s ego at the expense of more sober thought.

Rosica has a good prima facie case for libel. This is true not because the judges are bad or the system is corrupt or because Canada is an awful, hedonistic, sodomitic, anti-Catholic country. If Mars were a common law jurisdiction, David would be in trouble there too. Considering all the facts, should he issue a retraction, remove the objectionable posts and escape this with his finances in order, his roof over his head and not facing [redacted] it’ll be because of Fr. Rosica’s goodness. But knowing David, he won’t do that. Facts and laws be damned. David is always right, you see” NCR>>>>>