Why Malapert Convert Ann Barnhardt Should Shut The Hell Up! Taken From Catholic Tradition...

Malapert and Shakespeare Malapert debuted in English in the 14th century, was a favorite of Shakespeare, and is still used sporadically today. The prefix mal-, meaning "bad" or "badly" and deriving from the Latin malus, is found in many English words, including "malevolent" and "malefactor." The second half of "malapert" comes from the Middle English apert, meaning "open" or "frank." "Apert" further derives from the Latin word"apertus" ("open"), which gave us our noun "aperture" (meaning "an opening"). Putting the two halves together gives us a word that describes someone or something that is open or honest in a bad way-that is, a way that is bold or rude. The noun "malapert" also exists, and means "a bold or impudent person." 

Reason why convert Ann Barnhardt and other convert ladies should shut the hell up:

The women among the heretics in times past were so shameless, & malapert, that they took upon them to dispute, and to reason of matters of religion: & they helped foreward the Heresy, by teaching, preaching, prating, wrangling, jangling, prophesying, and by all means possible. And do not, I pray you, the women amongst the Protestants the like, following therein their father Luther's advise, who licensed them to do such things, & namely to Preach?

The above lesson is taken from Catholic Tradition & Church Fathers as set down by a Catholic Priest in the year of our Lord 1600.

Ann Barnhardt is a dangerous woman. Her means of spreading her heretical doctrine:
  1. Pod Cast
  2. Blog
  3. Videos
Barnhardt makes no personal appearances - because she is not a Catholic - but a fraud. And if anyone were to witness Barnhardt attending Latin Mass in Public one would be dismayed at her lack of reverence and piety.

She is one of Luther's daughters

Remember she used the Luther's version of the Our Father for well over a year on her blog before I called her out on it.


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  2. Our anonymous sedevacantist is so vile in his hatred anyone with any sense of decency would abhor what he's selling.


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