Gary Voris Gives Four RIDICULOUS Reasons Why CM Published Milo Yiannopoulos LOL!

1. Milo is a homosexual, not a homosexualist....."he is a homosexual who combats homosexualism. And homosexualism is arguably the greatest scandal within the clergy. His is a voice out there clearly articulating Church teaching......Milo, like us all, can overcome his public and private sin. But even if he cannot"....WHAT? Sodomy is Sodomy A Sodomite is a Sodomite.....

2. "Feminism is cancer.".."Milo's most shocking point for the 2017 Catholic — almost no one else makes it — is that "feminism is cancer," and that it has no place within Christendom. Only a rare bird makes this brave call. As such, his value to the Church is sky high"..... WHAT?

3. Catholic intellectual...."He should consider abandoning the more graphic language, but even if he doesn't, we're Catholics not Puritans, and intellectual merit is the first and only sine qua non for our thinkers"...WHAT?

4. Milo knows enough to pray on his knees.....WHAT? Milo also knows how to take it up the ass on his knees!

Source for this nonsense here


  1. How absolutely pathetic. I used to have at least a smidgen of respect for the artist known as Michael Voris, but he has shown his true colours.... Typical fake traditionalist and fake Catholic - he will condone any perversion or sin as long as you'll be his buddy and repeat the right political shibboleths. Psalm 108 (109) to ya, Gary, MILO, Vox Cantoris, S. Armaticus, and the rest of you whited sepulchres.


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