MOTIVE For Mandalay Bay Massacre: WORLDLINESS!

No Political affiliations
No Religious convictions
No Money problems
No Suicide note
No Video tape rants
No Arrest records
No History of Mental health issues
No History of violent behavior
No On-line rants
No Social media history
No ISIS connections
No Mind control

'We have looked at everything': Still no clear motive for Las Vegas attack, officials say

So what was the motive?

It is the same that motivates all of society: WORLDLINESS

Watch the video of the brother of the killer. He confirms the worldliness of the killer.

Here let a Roman Catholic from 1617 explain what Motivated the Mandalay Bay killer:

There is not scarcely any thing in the world to be found so dangerous to be dealt withal, as worldliness itself, which as saith St Augustine in his book De Civitate Dei, leadeth men unto things that be vain, hurtful, full of biting thoughts, perturbations, afflictions, fears, foolish delights, discords, quarrels, wars, entrapment, wrath, enmity, falsity, flattery, deceit, stealth, rapine obstinacy, pride ambition, envy, slaughters of men, of parents, of friends, of kinsmen, cruelty, malignity, carnality, boldness, unshamfastness, violence, poverty, fornication, adultery of all sorts, and other filthiness, which are not fit to be spoken of: sacrilege, heresies, perjuries, oppressions, calumniation, prevarications, false testimonies, unjust Judgments, enforcements, thievery, and such like.

And therefore not without cause is it elsewhere said, that the world, with her worldlings, is an assembly of wicked men a slaughterhouse of good men, a nourisher of vice, and oppressor of virtue, and enemy of peace, a friend of contention and war, a sweet receptacle of wicked men, a bitter entertainer of good men, a defender of lies, and inventor of novelties, an unquietness of ignorant men, a Martyrdom of evil men, a table of gluttons, an oven of concupiscence, A Carybdes and a Scylla of suffocating thoughts: Whereupon it is said further by another, that the world doth hate those that do love it, afflict those that esteem it, dishonor those that honor it, & forget those who do most of all remember it: Whose conversation is full of affliction, whose mirth full of melancholy, whose pleasure full of remorse, whose consolation full of scruple, and whose prosperity is full of fear: Liberal it is in promising, and scarce in performing.

Producing many evils; and is the occasion of many miserable effects, beginning without any prudence, & ending with bitter repentance.

And therefore it is to be beheld a far off, like a monstrous and ravenous beast, least he that commeth too near it, be devoured by it.

For the more familiar any man is with the world, the more perilous it is: using those men worse who do favor it, then those who do abhor it: And to love it, & not to perish in it, is a thing impossible, because making show of one thing, it deceive men with another, like as Jezebel would have deceived Jehu,4.Reg.9. showing to him her fine platted head, but sought to hide from him her further abominations: So as many it decieved, and many also it utterly blindeth.  Roger Baynes English Catholic Gentleman Exiled 1617

"[His girlfriend] said he would lie in bed, just moaning and screaming, 'Oh, my God,'"

How others described Paddock:

“He acted like everybody worked for him and that he was above others,”

Yeah..if you don't see that it was WORLDLINESS that motivated Paddock then you must be one of the worldlings...

Here watch the videos and you come up with a better motive: