One Peter Five Posting Medjugorje Image On Fatima Article......

Medjugorje Image


Tim • 19 hours ago Why the Medjugorje image?

Steve Skojec Mod Tim • 14 hours ago We weren't aware that's what it was. Are you certain?

Tigga Wild Steve Skojec • 13 hours ago Tim's right that's a Medjugorje image.

Steve Skojec Mod Tigga Wild • 13 hours ago I swapped it out.

barry Steve Skojec • 11 hours ago And replaced it with a very poor statue of Our Lady......really? That statue is in awful condition! Source

Replaced with this:


  1. "Manosphere" types like Skojec and his closeted friends hate Our Lady (because women are ewwww!!!) and St Joseph (because they hate chastity and secretly think he is a "cuck"). He has also whined in earlier posts about his family and marriage problems. This sort of passive aggression and demeaning of the Holy Family is just about par for the course for him. =(


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