Rad Trad Claim Pope Francis & His Minions Are All Racists! Proof Is Pope's Letter To Black Cardinal Sarah!



Now the Rad Trad Camp claims that Pope Francis and his minions - Robert Micken, Massimo Faggioli and others are all racists.

The proof?

Apparently the Pope Sent a letter to a black Cardinal.

I'm not kidding  - sending a letter to a black man is racist!


See the post here.

My question to these same Rad Trads: Would they call the Pope a 'Sexist' for refusing priestly ordination for woman?


  1. Playing the race card? How absolutely .... liberal. These so-called Trads have no concept of tradition. They are merely resorting to the tactics of the "regressive left" now that they have no cards left to play.

    Next they will call him "anti-Semitic" because he isn't circumcised. ^_^


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