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Guilty pleasure: Milo Yiannopoulos December 10, 2015

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I’m sure at least some readers are familiar with the growing internet presence of Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos. He’s everywhere. Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram…….he is cutting and increasingly wide swath and making an increasing impact on the cultural discourse. And while he may be quite flamboyantly gay, he’s also a serious conservative, even a cultural conservative, and maintains he’s a conservative Catholic convert from Judaism (some thoughts on that at the, uh……bottom).

I know his mincing and sexual inclination will turn a good number of readers right off. I understand. I struggle with it a bit myself. But in the present cultural battle, those desirous to not see this culture continue its descent into outright cultural marxism sometimes have to find allies or like minds where we can. In terms of that battle, there is none having more impact than Milo Yiannopoulos.

In the present culture, there is a literal war on men, especially young, straight, white men. From kindergarten on, they are taught that they are part of the most evil group in the history of the universe, benighted, ignorant, hyperactive, needing to be drugged and lectured into sniveling, quivering non-entities. That object is absolutely vital to the social justice warrior program, which isn’t concerned in the slightest with doing good or remedying supposed evil, but with power, pure, naked power. Straight white men are the primary obstacle to that power, so they must be crushed.

Starting with Gamergate in 2013 and on through today, Yiannopoulos has become an unchallengable voice for the voiceless. Because he belongs to one of the most deferred to groups in society, he is able to get away with saying and doing things that would be career-enders for most (which brings a whole host of issues with it – why do people go along with this bullying, why do people cave to the SJWs, why does it take a out n’ proud type to say the kinds of things men should be saying?).

The video below shows the closing statement Yiannopoulos made at a recent debate with a feminist at a university in England. The statement is made to the young men in the audience, and I think it’s a good one – not great, but certainly handy. The basic message is, young men, young straight white men, hold your heads up. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. You are the inheritors of the greatest culture the world has ever known, you are not a rapist, you are not a bully, you aren’t racist or misogynistic, you’re good and worthy in your own right and you can overcome all the crap the SJWs are throwing your way in their bid for wealth and power:

About Milo’s sexual proclivities……let me say a few things. He argues passionately against pseudo-sodo-marriage, in favor of the traditional family, he thinks gay adoption abhorrent, an abuse of children for the satisfaction of adult’s selfish desires, he admits his inclination is perverse and unnatural, while also waving it like a banner (in a very camp way) and using it as a shield against attack. The more difficult the exchange he finds himself in with some bitter feminist harpy, the more he tends to mention his orientation.

But he also claims to be a very conservative Catholic. I tried to question him directly on reconciling his out n’ proud aspects with his purported Catholicism, but got no response, unfortunately. Part of me almost wonders – it is probably a forlorn hope – if he’s actually celibate but describes all these sordid events from his past as if they just happened, to maintain his victim status (which he freely admits to using) and invulnerability from many kinds of identity politics attacks. I’m sure he’s not straight, but his gayness is so camp and over the top at times – and yet he so freely admits (HUGE content warning) to the grave perversion of his inclination, that it’s unnatural, that something is seriously wrong with people like him – and then couple that with his really insightful defense of normal men’s desires for women, the degree to which he understands and can empathize with those desires, and he comes across as the most unusual same-sex attracted figure I’ve ever come across.

Anyway, enough time on this, I’m curious if any readers are partial fans of his. I admire the work he is doing, but I deplore his private life as he describes it. Sources

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