CCTV Captures Brooklyn Muslim Assaulting St. Francis Statue At Blessed Sacrament Church

CYPRESS HILLS, BROOKLYN — Police are looking for the shirtless man who knocked a statue of St. Francis off its pedestal. Surveillance footage captured outside the Blessed Sacrament Church at 198 Euclid Ave. shows the unidentified statue-tipper making his move around 7:20 a.m. on Nov. 11, said police. The shirtless suspect gives the statue of St. Francis three good shoves before successfully knocking it into a nearby hedge.The base was knocked off its pedestal but the statue, which was cushioned by the hedge, did not appear to have been damaged. Police describe the suspect as a man in his early twenties, last seen wearing a white baseball cap, white jeans white sneakers and no shirt. Source


  1. Maybe the guy thought it was Pope Francis and not St. Francis -- and then who could blame him?


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