FSSP Supports & Defends Evangelical Child Predator Roy Moore? James O’Keefe FAIL!

James O’Keefe is a product of the FSSP Latin Mass.

What are the FSSP Priests preaching from the pulpits that makes a Roman Catholic defend a Protestant Evangelical Politician?

What are the FSSP Priests preaching from the pulpits that makes a Roman Catholic defend a child predator?

James O’Keefe uses the resources of his Project Veritas to try and entrap the Washington Post with a fake Roy Moore story.

It didn't work. See here

But that's not the story.

Again why would a Catholic who attends Latin Mass defend a Evangelical child predator?


What could possible be gained?

Discrediting the women who claimed to be assaulted by Roy Moore when they were underage?

Is that the intent of  the product of the FSSP Latin Mass - Mr. James O’Keefe.

Did James O’Keefe go to his FSSP confessor or FSSP spiritual director first to get approval on the Roy Moore scam?

I would say probably yes - the FSSP approved of  James O’Keefe's latest project.

So why would the staunch defenders of all things Tradition want to defend a Protestant heretic?

This is just another example of what kind of people populate the Latin Mass pews - many claim that by attendance at a Latin Mass proves ones orthodoxy in all things Catholic - I say just the opposite - some attend the Latin Mass to appear pious when in fact they are wolves. Its an old game. Many wicked souls attend Mass to appear pious to fool the unwary.

James O’Keefe is just one example.

There are other notables who attend the FSSP masses and they are a wicked bunch.

Ann Barnhardt who at one time claimed Pope Francis is the Antichrist then Ann backed off (after reading my post on her nonsense) then she gave Pope Francis the title of the false Prophet to the Antichrist (then she read my other post condemning her timing of Antichrist) and reduced Pope Francis to the false prophet to the forerunner to the Antichrist!

Ann still thinks that Pope Francis is not the Pope.

Did Ann get all her views on Pope Francis sitting in the FSSP Latin Mass Pews? I called her out on that and I stated that if Ann lived in Colorado and attended only FSSP Latin Masses then there were only two possibilities where Ann could attend FSSP masses in Colorado and wondered what FSSP Priest was teaching Ann this nonsense on Pope Francis - after reading my post Ann freaked out and immediately left Colorado! Now poor Ann refuses to say where she lives or where she attends Mass - but we do know that Ann will only attend a Mass where the 'FSSP' priest refuses to pray for the Pope at the Te Igitur. 

Another puss filled sore that sits in the FSSP Pews is Steve Skojec.

It makes you think what is going on at FSSP Masses? 

The FSSP priests are unable to tame their Latin Mass Pew Sitters.

I call doom for the FSSP.

Watch the FSSP Latin Mass Attending James O’Keefe doge questions....