Blogger Steve Skojec Rakes In $150,000 Per Year Tax Free And Complains That Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga Takes In $450,000 Per Year.....

Gee Stevie you're an idiot.

Most poor Catholics actually work for a living and you don't!

Stevie sit around his house all day in his underwear eating Doritos and blogging and he expects his demented brainwashed followers to pay him at least $10,000 a month! TAX FREE!

What the hell!

Even his wife leaves the house to go to work!

I'm sure when Stevie whines and moans poor me, poor pitiful me in one of his blog posts  - he gets more money sent to him by his followers

Now Star Wars Stevie complains that a Cardinal takes in $450,000 per year from his University job as Grand Chancellor

Lets put this in perspective:

Here are the presidents in the Ivy League ranked by salary, via The Chronicle:

Lee C. Bollinger (Columbia University) — $3,389,917
Amy Gutmann (University of Pennsylvania) — $2,473,952
Richard C. Levin* (Yale University) — $1,375,365
Shirley M. Tilghman* (Princeton University) — $948,412
Drew Gilpin Faust (Harvard University) — $908,642
David J. Skorton (Cornell University) — $817,441
Jim Yong Kim* (Dartmouth College) — $755,999
Ruth J. Simmons* (Brown University) — $676,324


So Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has a real job - several jobs and gets paid for it and yet Capitalist Stevie whines.

Here's Stevie's complaint:

A top papal adviser known for his tirades against capitalism and the wealthy is under investigation by the Vatican after reports that he has been receiving over $40,000 US per month from the Catholic University of Tegucigalpa and had allegedly invested amounts of over $1 million in companies in London that “later vanished into thin air.” According to Di Emiliano Fittipaldi of Italy’s L’Espresso, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras — the coordinator of the pope’s C9 council — has fallen under the scrutiny of the pope himself since the allegations have surfaced – allegations that implicate him in the receipt of nearly $600,000 a year for up to a decade from the university at which he holds the title of “Grand Chancellor.” Despite his advocacy for the poor at the expense of the rich, when asked in a 2014 interview about the wealth of the German Church — also closely tied to the Francis pontificate — Maradiaga responded that “helping the poor does not mean being poor”. In that same interview, he nevertheless blamed the wealthy in America and Europe for the 2008 financial collapse. Source

I'm pretty certain the Cardinal didn't take a vow of poverty.....


  1. I work full-time and earn the equivalent of $2500 a month. Steve Skojec should just try trading places with us regular working Professors instead of sitting and watching food porn (courtesy Z) and gun porn (courtesy Crazy Ann) on his laptop. =)


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