Joseph Shaw: Latin Mass Traditionalists MUST Unite With MUSLIMS....

Oh Look They're Kneeling With Guns!

Muslims and those who attend Latin Mass have a lot in common.

There will be a day when Muslims and Latin Mass Traditionalists will fight side by side making war on the Church. 

Joseph Shaw is promoting the work in 'converting' Muslim with the Latin Liturgy.

Stop right there.

History lesson - the mad prophet Muhammad was a Catholic priest who desired to be Pope. Muhammad was never made pope, so he got even by creating his own hellish political party - called Islam. 

Those Catholics who followed the false and lying prophet gave up their Catholic faith and gave up going to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and gave up all the Sacraments of the Church.

So Arabs who had a 600 year history of practicing the Catholic faith gave it all up for politics. 

Now comes along Mr. Shaw who has the brilliant idea that Muslims will convert to the faith that their forefather left with their exposure to the Latin Mass.

Its a scam. Mr. Alexander Joseph Ranald Shaw is a British academic who desires to unite Muslim terrorist with Latin Mass gun nuts.

Mr. Shaw is using the Latin Mass as a vehicle to unite Muslims with Latin Mass pew sitters.

Joseph Shaw is the current chairman of the Latin Mass Society.

The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales is a Catholic society associated with the Catholic Church in England and Wales dedicated to making the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, also known as the Tridentine Mass, more widely available.The group organised a petition for the Latin Mass in England and Wales which the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal John Heenan, presented to Pope Paul VI, who granted a papal indult in 1971. Source

Shaw is using the LMS and FSSP to create a political force made up of Muslims and Latin Mass attendees.

Shaw is presenting a paper on Islam to fool the unwary:

Today I am able to publish the latest of the 'Position Papers' of the Una Voce Federation (FIUV), on the subject of Islam. These papers have not only sought to defend aspects of the Traditional liturgy which have been criticised, but also to point out the usefulness to the Church of this liturgy in making the Faith vivid, attractive, or comprehensible, to particular groups inside and outside the Church: in Africa, in China, in relation to the Oriental Churches, to children, to men, to people influenced by the New Age, and now to Muslims. Source

The only good thing that may come out of this, is that Latin Mass sites in England will not be a target of Muslim terror attack.

But here's the bad news - many Catholic Churches in England that offer only the new mass will be targets for bombings.

The Latin Mass goers can then say that their Latin Mass site are from God because they suffer no terror attacks whereas the New Mass sites are not from God because they suffer terror attacks.

So what to watch for?

Bombings of Catholic Churches in England in the coming weeks and into 2018.


  1. Mohammed was never A Catholic priest. He was an illiterate dessert dweller who married an older woman twice as smart as him before he became a 'prophet'.

    1. Yes he was a priest. Just as Martin Luther was a priest. Go ahead and go to the nearest Mosque and tell the Muslim men present that Muhammad was a Catholic Priest who left his vocation to start Islam - see what happens to you. LOL!

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  3. In time of war, when in Mass, a soldier does not have his sidearm in his hand. He has it in his holster.

    Just as of times of old, when knights attended Holy Mass, they had their swords sheathed, but on their waist nonetheless.

    So your untenable puerile "argument" goes out the window.

    1. I take it you pack heat when attending LATIN Mass using Soldiers of War and Knights of old as your excuse to weaponize - you're neither. I even bet you even own more guns than you do Crucifixes. How many hours a week do you spend holding and meditating on your GUN as opposed to holding and meditating on a Crucifix?

      Again - put down your guns and pick up a crucifix.

    2. Oh and I bet you've shot more rounds off in your lifetime then you have making the sign of the cross....

    3. Pray the rosary daily. Go to the range bi-weekly.
      And no, We have more more crucifixes, scapulars (on every enrolled family member) and rosaries in out household than firearms.
      God bless

    4. Good. And if you need a source for meditations on the Passion Nativity etc see here

      All meditations are from the 1500-1600's

      right now I post a meditation on the passion per day for 150 days leading up to Good Friday. You can start at the beginning about 50 days ago or pick a day.

    5. It is unfortunately your argument which is puerile, "GMUA" (aka Louie Verecchio's sockpuppet)

      Even if what you say is true, that right was granted only to knights, not to each and every person - and certainly not to priests.

      No one is disputing the right of armed forces, law enforcement officers, etc. to bear arms, even during Mass if the situation so requires it (I was in Paris shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and there were plenty of armed police around the Mass I attended).

      However, to generalize that right to "everyone" is the same kind of perverse logic that sodomites use when they say "men and women are allowed to get married, so why not us?"

      Let's not forget that Knights (in orders, not mercenary rabble) in those days were expected to display exemplary piety, not just wave their guns around and act like whiny little adolescents playing some live-action RPG. When they failed to do so, they got the axe (cf. the "Knights Templar"). You certainly would not have made the cut. You probably would have been one of the rabble who defended the impious Emperor Henry against Saint Gregory VII Hildebrand, just like you and your sons defend the impious Trump, Duterte, Putin, etc.. against what the Catholic Church truly teaches.

      As for your "mater diabolicus" Ann Barnhardt, wouldn't the history of the Church have been just great if St. Perpetua and St. Felicity had been packing gay pink guns instead of accepting martyrdom? Christianity would have died as just another pissant Messianic cult (see also: Bar Kokhba) if idiots like Shaw, GMUA and Barnhardt had their way.

      As for Shaw, he just deserves to be ignored. Like all Lefebvrists, he has a huge boner for Muslims because he sees them as a bulwark against the evil JOOS. =)

    6. Wrong, "Professor".
      1.- I am a Catholic. Hence I do not recognize a heretic to be the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Much less attend a Mass where a heretic is named in the Canon.

      2.- You forget the Catholic Spanish, prior to and during their civil war (1936-1939) against the republicans (communists). Many attended mass armed. Same With the Cristeros in Mexico. Armed forces? law enforcement? They were neither. Just Catholics who defended their priests, nuns and family members from attacks by the judeo-masons.

      3.- Seems you do not know how the Muslims came to be, "Professor"...


    8. Ooh, scare quotes, how scary.

      1. If you have appointed your own Pope and deposed the current one (no matter how much of an idiot or a sinner he may be) you are not Catholic. You are an effeminate little schismatic like the Donatists, Montanists, Novatianists, etc.. and like them, you will merely be confined to the dustbin of history in this world, and the fires of Hell in the next.

      2. To compare an extraordinary situation like the Spanish Civil War to the current one (which is basically random attacks by an ever-dwindling and failing group of moronic Islamic wankers, to quote Boris Johnson) is, again, basically sodomite tactics. If there was an actual Civil War, you'd probably be sitting in front of your laptop and hugging your little blow-up Hillary White doll.

      3. Hilaire Belloc, who is a far greater man than you can ever hope to be, called Islam a "Christian heresy". As for Lefebvre's boner for Islam (and Islamic leaders' boners for him), this is a matter of historical record:

      You are known by the kind of people who endorse you...

      4. Posting links to JPEGs and PNGs and GIFs is so 4chan that it merely confirms my impression that you are merely a wanky little LARPer who should grow up and seek a real spiritual director (or read Thomas a Kempis or Fr. Gabriel of Mary Magdalen if you can't find one) rather than posting your screeds. You are in my prayers, destitute soul.

  4. As for "heresy", let's listen to some of Joseph Shaw's foul and impious words:

    " In this context, there is clearly value in being able to stress a more positive, Catholic, attitude to these things, which are, indeed, very prominent in the ancient Christian churches of majority-Muslim countries. Unfortunately, social and legal restrictions on converting from Islam to Christianity in many Muslim countries are such that it is generally not possible for these ancient churches to accept Muslim converts.[16]

    In the West, the Extraordinary Form, and the traditional spirituality and discipline associated with it, serves to expand the common ground which is necessary for fruitful dialogue to take place, because, like the Oriental churches, it affirms the use of a sacred language in worship, the use of ritual and chant, the importance of fasting and of pilgrimage, and, as already noted, the complementarity of the sexes, and the wearing of head coverings by women.[17]

    The spirituality of the Extraordinary Form emphasises a popular form of mysticism, the longing for which finds expression in the Sufi tradition in Islam.[18]

    The appeal to men specifically is also an area in which the Extraordinary Form and the Oriental churches have something in common with Islam. As noted in another Position Paper,[19] this is connected with the stress on the transcendent, and reverence, dignity, and ritual in worship, as opposed to a stress on spontaneity and the emotions, and related factors."

    Be honest, fake mad trads: if any Pope said these words, you'd be howling and calling him antipope before 30 seconds had elapsed. But because "one of your own tribe" says it (and because, like Lefebvre, E. Michael Jones and other idiots) you secretly love Islam's viciousness and cruelty, you keep silent. You sicken me, and worse, you sicken and inflict more wounds on Our Saviour, who died that you would not fall into Islam's wicked trap.

  5. For those (like the intellectually challenged GMUA) who can't read through the above, let's break down what this self-professed "Latin Mass Trad" Joseph Shaw is saying:

    1. The Latin Mass provides fruitful ground for "dialogue" between Islam and Latin Mass Trads (oh wait, aren't you the ones who howl whenever the "Vatican II Church" talks about "dialogue")?

    2. Said fruitful ground includes "the use of a sacred language" (also common in Hinduism, Shaw, you idiot), "the importance of fasting and pilgrimage" (even pagan religions do those things, you imbecile) and "the wearing of head coverings by women" (also seen in Hinduism and orthodox Judaism, you ecumaniacal moron)

    3. The Sufi tradition and the Latin Mass both emphasise popular mysticism (St. Pius X would kick your arse for saying this, Shaw, you heretic. Sufis are heretical morons spouting New Age garbage popular among Western gays, liberals and pro-aborts.)

    4. The "appeal to men" is also an area of correspondence between the Latin Mass and Islam (News flash, Shaw, you sodomite enabler: video games, porn, masturbation, alcohol and promiscuity are also "appealing to men" - would you endorse those too as part of your heretical and anti-Catholic "dialogue"?)

    Shaw is simply evil.


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