Maybe Rad Trad Joseph Shaw Can Invite This Egyptian MUSLIM Who Murdered 9 Outside Mar Mina Coptic Church To His Latin Mass Site......

Following up post from last Friday:

Maybe Rad Trad Joseph Shaw Can Invite These Egyptian MUSLIMS To The Latin Mass: Hostile Muslims Storm Coptic Church Call For It To Be Demolished!

The post is actually from last Saturday but the Muslim protest took place on last FRIDAY - it is the day of the week when most Muslims take revenge because Muslims are taught by mad Muhammad to burn down the houses of those who do not attend Friday Mosque prayers..

'Jihadist' gunman kills nine as he attacks a Coptic Christian bookshop and church in Cairo before being shot and arrested by police  

A gunman has killed nine people after twin attacks on a bookshop and church south of Cairo in the latest jihadist attack on the country's Coptic Christian minority. The fanatic, armed with an assault rifle, 150 rounds of ammunition and a bomb, went on the rampage outside Mar Mina church in the capital before being shot himself as he tried to storm the building. Footage posted on social media appeared to show the bearded man wearing a bulky ammunition vest sprawled on a street, barely conscious, as people restrained his arms and then handcuffed him. The gunman, already wanted over attacks on police, first targeted a Coptic owned bookshop killing two before moving on to the church and slaughtering seven more. Dramatic footage captured a gunfight outside the church and shows what is believed to be the jihadist walking around with his assault rifle. It comes in the wake of a series of massacres at Coptic Christian churches carried out by ISIS in recent years. Source

So let Mr. Shaw invite these Muslims to his Latin Mass site and see what happens - he can report back to us on his success....