Raging Rad Trad Semite Dave Domet EXPLODES Over FALSE Our Father + Pope Francis Story!


Pope Francis is to change the Our Father:

Lord's Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change (BBC)
Pope Francis proposes change to the Lord's Prayer (AOL)
Pope Francis wants to change the Lord's Prayer - Here's why (Catholic.Org)
Pope Francis calls for Lord’s Prayer translation to be changed (Catholic Herald)

Well maybe not.....

No, Pope Francis Is Not Changing the Lord’s Prayer

Now the raging Dave:

"Hey Dictator Frank, on the matter of THE LORD's PRAYER, it's His not yours! You have no right to change a blessed thing. In spite of your own mad mind, you are not God!

New Mass, a new catechism, new sacramental rites, new theology, new Canon Law Code, new Rosary mysteries, new, new, new and now a new Lord's Prayer! Not even Bugnini had the gall to try such a thing, though he did try to eliminate most of the rosary.

Oh, but this Bergoglio, he and his deviant "god of surprises." For him and his minions, this just can't leave anything alone.

If this Peronist boil on the seat of Peter wants to do anything about translations, let him impose upon the Italians and Germans and others the proper use of the translation for "pro multis" which they refuse to do. If the LORD intended to say "for all" he would have said it. He didn't. He said, "for many" and it is in scripture and that was translated into the vernacular from the Latin, "pro multis." The Latin does not say, "pro omnibus" which would mean, for all!

So now, this man who has made church teaching official that people in adultery are free to receive Holy Communion, a heretical action, to be sure; one for which he must be condemned, now he wants the Lord's Prayer changed because he thinks people are too stupid to understand it. The same thing people have prayed since the beginning of the Church.

Quite the nerve, quite the gall, this Bergoglio.

.....Bergoglio has no right to change the words to The Lord's Prayer." Source

Maybe some should hold off before going off....



  1. Professor Q December 12, 2017 at 8:53 PM

    LOL! Domet isn't the only one going ballistic.

    Li(f)e Site News, breeding ground of fake trads and phony ecumenicals, has now got an interview with the super-duper secret author of "The Dictator Pope!"


    I'm calling it, this idiot is either Skojec, Barnhardt or one of their trad troll friends.

    1. I deleted you post by mistake!

    2. Barnhardt or Skojec - I was thinking the same.

      Maybe Hillary White as well

  2. So? David has his faults. Doesn't mean you can keep going at him like this. In person, he's a kind man who cares very much about people, and works hard for his family and the preservation of tradition. Ease up on the man.

    Have a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas when the time comes.


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