I Guess I Wasn't Too Far Off The Mark On Fat Blogging Stevie....

The key to this process of discernment is the studied pursuit of doing absolutely nothing for as long as possible. Key ingredients are things like sleeping in, watching too many movies, playing mindless games, eating last night’s leftovers for breakfast, spending the day in my pajamas covered in chip crumbs, and so on... Source

Come on now...it wasn't all that hard to figure out! 

Then there's this from fat Stevie:

The fact is, I do NOT claim to be a prophet, though I am a fairly good intuiter of things. What I can say is that I take in a lot of information pretty much all the time, and I’ve gotten good at reading the lay of the land, so to speak. You might compare me golfer reading the break on a putting green: what looks like magic is actually science. Source

Actually Stevie is an APE.

Steve is like most Rad Trad Bloggers who have all the sway - they are APES. These Rad Trad Bloggers just APE what they think a Roman Catholic should be - from Fr Z to Hillary White to Ann Barnhardt to Stevie - they APES all things Catholic...and of course there is that cloven hoof that is so easy to see...all of them jumping over the Altar Railing into where the Priest should be, meddling in the affairs of the Spiritual Authority of the Pope etc...

Yeah...you morons - remember you are still laymen with NO SAY IN THE CHURCH.

Here's my take for 2018 and beyond -

Rad Trad will be so frustrated when they realize that they can not stop Pope Francis and his ilk. Then these Rad Trads will take up arms and lie in wait to murder the Pope. Some deranged Latin Mass goers will make an attempt on Pope Francis because:

Words didn't work.

Petitions didn't work.

Books didn't work.

Blog posts didn't work.

More Petitions didn't work.

Tweets didn't work.

Even more Petitions didn't work.

and so on.

And of course when the attempt fails most Rad Trads will claim that he's not one of us etc...

I do hope this man is elected Pope one day:

Yeah I'm sure a few Rad Trad Heads Will explode.. LOL!


  1. I spent New Year's Eve wondering whether I had been too hard on Mr. Skojec in 2017 - and now he unleashes an inanity like this. Mindless games? Spending the day in pajamas? Are any of these things even remotely masculine? And he has the chutzpah to call the rest of us "cucks" and "blue pillers" after such antics?

    Repent, Mr. Skojec. One day you, like every one of us, will sit before the Judgment Seat and will have to give an account of all the mindless games, all the acedia (see, I know Latin too), all the rash judgment, slander and gossip, and all the living like a parasite off others' money while demonizing and demeaning those of us who actually try to make a living, support our families and provide positive paternal role models. You are emblematic of everything that is wrong with the falsely-named "trad" movement.

  2. Is his wife still w/him? I can't imagine anyone putting up with his crap. She actually has a job - right? So that may explain why he can spend the day in his pajamas.

  3. I suppose she is. I suspect she is one of those everyday saints who bears wrongs patiently. 😊


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